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I'm Emmie, and i am completely new to osu! in general, having not really paid attention to media or the game. However I had heard of it and decided to try it out, after struggling for a bit juggling between tablet and mouse, i felt comfortable enough to stick with it, and osu! is now yet another game in my collection!

I come from a rhythm game background of:
Guitar Hero/Clone hero (with guitar controller) (hard/expert)
Spin rhythm xd (drawing tablet) (hard/XD)
Taiko no tatsujin (with drum controller) (normal/hard with drum, hard/expert with buttons)
Beat saber (Not much though)
Paradiddle (VR drumming game)

I'm happy to answer any questions or accept friend invites or whatever the system here is (I have no friends who play this game)
Welcome to osu! (and the sacred/cursed forums)

Hope you enjoy your stay, we should totally talk/play sometime!

As for answering questions, hit me with your favourite food!
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Favourite food? I don't really have one. Despite my namesake the bacon part was young me being silly and needing to think of a name quickly... and then i just never changed it... ever. I have been trying alot of *imported* Japanese-and-surrounding-area food though!

In reality, I probably won't use the forums or multiplayer all that much anyway, i like watching myself improve in a self-deprecating "i swear i hit that but probably not" kinda way lol!
hellooo o/

hope this game will be fun like the other rhythm games you play c:

since previous person asked question, i will too lol

what music do you like?
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Ah, my favourite music? That is a tough question. My Spotify playlist is literally called "its...complicated" because the majority of it is nostalgia and/or "hey, that sounded good, I'll add it to the list"

As you scroll down, you can see a point where it shifts just a little bit, and more and more Japanese songs are being added to it lol.

I don't have a favourite band, but Dire Straits are cool, and so is YOASOBI.
Welcome Emmie ^-^

Hope you have fun and set many cool scores!

If you need any help with anything feel free to message me in-game.
We love to see new players showing up. I have a sneaking suspicion, based upon your intro, that Taiko and/or Mania will be your modes of choice (as are Mania and Standard being mine).
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Actually, i'm having fun pretty much only playing the main osu! mode! it's fun watching myself improve constantly, and those other game-modes i already have a game for, so i don't need to worry so much about playing them.
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