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Hi all, ( likely the 2 people that actually even read any of these )


One of the biggest factors about Mania that i've been trying to work out for literal years is scroll speed ( which i will refer to as SS ), what i should set it at, what is the normal SS and what should i strive to use and after all this time have come to the final realisation that, IT DOESN'T MATTER.

Take this lightly as obviously it does but the point i'm trying to make is that you shouldn't let anyone tell you that your SS is too slow, or that you should up it because it will help in the future. While i can agree that there are positives to changing it, like having a higher SS makes reading more dense patterns easier and having a lower SS makes reaction times easier hence why LN is easier, but really it comes down to preference.

For about a year i was frequently changing my SS trying to both find something that felt right, but also what sounded right with regards to the community, recently i've been playing with my highest SS at around 36 - 38 and ( while i don't play this game nearly as often as i did ) i was somewhat hitting a roadblock in my learning curve and couldn't figure out the issue which led me to check some of my favorite top players recent YT vids to see what they were using.

it was pretty confronting seeing Eliminate the jack player using only 30 and myuka at around 34, i didn't really delve much deeper into whether or not that number changes but i looked back and thought "hm, if my scroll speed is considerably faster, yet i read considerably worse is changing my scroll speed really even worth it?" the short answer is NOPE.

The only reason i'm even going out of my way to post this is because i literally 30s ago just played a map that i would normally quit half way through because of how bad my acc was and after lowering my SS to something slower i was more comfortable with ( 33 ) i managed to finish the map with around 98.5acc ( not perfect but DEFINITELY an improvement ).

Now i'm no pro at this game BY ANY MEANS ( not even close ) and the likelihood is that only a few people will even see this let alone read it in it's entirety, but what i'm trying to say is play the damn game how you want, whether its striving to be able to read 40ss, or never wanting to change from 26 it doesn't matter, dont make the same mistake i did in striving to achieve constantly higher SS' and not seeing any results ( or at least slow results ), or of course completely ignore this entire message because in itself that's kinda what im trying to say too??

I appreciate anyone who reads this and i hope that if anyone happens to it's benefitial in anyway,

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