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I don't know why but whenever I play through a map that I'm about to FC/SS, my focus gets weak and I begin to get nervous which leads to choking, does anyone know why?
I've had this happen to me before. I solved it by just focusing on something obvious in the middle of the screen (like combo or judgement). It's probably due to the fact that your brain is processing all the notes at once for a long period of time. Looking at combo helped me focus on an immobile object.
You said the problem yourself your getting nervous their isn't much you can do but have confidence I find that not looking at how good your doing is a good antidote just relish in the joy of a good score and use that joy as determination to be even better
FC/SS easier maps that you're confident you can FC/SS to get used to it and develop some consistency with it. Then build it up from there. It doesn't elimate the nerves in FC/SS'ing a difficult map, but should help u perform better.
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