[osu!mania] DJKurara - White Hair Little Swords Girl by _underjoy

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Should DJKurara - White Hair Little Swords Girl be Loved?

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DJKurara - White Hair Little Swords Girl by _underjoy
229.5 – 280.5 BPM, 3:21 | 7.43★, 8.12★, 8.29★, 8.46★, 8.82★

Captain's description (by Silhoueska Elze):
Being notorious as the third map in _underjoy's 15th Long Note Dan Course, White Hair Little Swords Girl proves to be a really difficult challenge, with even some of the best long note players in the world struggling in a chart like this. With a rich history of being a part of the Loved community (not to mention, having 7 maps already being selected for Project Loved), _underjoy gets another one of his charts nominated, and certainly not one to be slept on as well.

To give you a perspective of how difficult this chart can be, just imagine being forced to play 255 BPM trill-heavy and unorthodox jumpstreams, but converted into a very dense long note map. Not only would it require you to have an immense amount of stamina and physicality, but it would also require you to have a well-established set of coordination fundamentals. Both being a necessity at the same time makes this one of the hardest charts that you could ever see in the LN density category.

As such, this chart is really one of the most daunting tests of stamina, coordination, and physicality you will ever get from a long note chart.

Considering its popularity and also the various challenges it may present to you, it has to be time that this map FINALLY gets the recognition that it should get. If you think that this map fits into the Loved category, don't hesitate and vote "YES" now!

Please use this thread to discuss why you believe this map should or should not enter the Loved category!
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Silhoueska Elze
This map passed the voting! It will be moved to Loved soon.
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