Can't stream 140+bpm

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I've tried everything I've seen (fingers curled, fingers relaxed, arm rested, arm raised)
When I play high bpm maps, my fingers feel like they freeze up and I feel physically unable to move them fast
I have 150 hours in the game, my speed has barely changed since when I started to improve at the game
I can do 170 bpm burst, it's just the long stuff that's inconsistent (6+ notes)
My keyboard is fine, I've seen my friends play on it
I've never severely injured my hand in the past

Idk if this is relevant but I've never singletapped (even when I first played), don't know if that had an affect on my speed
im all ears
streams are simple

want to stream 180bpm? play a bunch of 180bpm stream maps.

want to stream 160bpm? play a bunch of 160bpm stream maps.

want to stream 250bpm? play a bunch of 250bpm stream maps.

hell, sometimes I cant stream 180bpm, but I could stream +240bpm. or sometimes I can stream 180bpm but not anything else. or on some rare occasions I can stream just about any bpm

the technique for streaming and tapping varies on the BPM, so even if you cant stream like 180bpm, it does not mean you cant stream 250bpm.

TLDR: play the BPM you want to learn.
Tonehh has some good videos on YT about finger lock. You’re probably going to have to go back and master 3-5 note bursts at most and work your way back up to the streams.

Mastering various finger control patterns can also help you with finger lock.

I wish you the best of luck on your improvement journey. I’m still figuring a lot of this out for myself.
just from looking at ur top plays, it seems as though you are playing very short maps. Maybe try to play 3+ minute maps instead of only farm maps (as this will help u build stamina and be more comfortable clicking for prolonged periods of time. Then again im quite new so im just offering my perspective from what I know.
have you tried ring index? it works for me
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