[Proposal] Allow skipping difficulty in spread when there is alternative in ranked category

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Allow a mapset to skip difficulty required by spread rule when there is alternative difficulty in ranked category of the same music.

Example: I want to rank a map of the same music as this mapset but I only want to map an Expert difficulty. The current RC forces me to map at least a NHIX spread, otherwise my X can't be ranked. With my proposal applied, as long as my X can form a reasonable spread with that ENHI mapset, my mapset with only the X can be ranked.

This is an effective way to reduce the work of ranking a mapset, while not reducing necessary contents in ranked category:
1. Extra time is required for completing a spread and BN checks. With this proposal applied, the time is saved.
2. The purpose of current RC which forces a spread in certain cases is to guarantee a good gaming experience for new player. With this proposal applied, there are still lower difficulties of those music for new players. Yes, the number will decrease, but there's no necessity to provide multiple Easy Normal ... of one music.

An argument (not from me)
An argument about this proposal is that if there are multiple mappers planning to rank a mapset of a same music. All of them only want to map a high difficulty and don't want to make their map a GD. They might be more willing to wait for someone else to complete a spread and rank it, not to do it themselves. Everybody's business is nobody's business.
this sounds like a mapper being too lazy to make spreads...
There is no reason for this to be a thing other than you don't want to map a spread.

You are able to look for GDs if you don't want to map multiple difficulties.

This is also unfair for mappers who are the first to map a song, it Just lowers the motivation to map a song that hasn't been ranked yet if they have to do the work but not everyone after. x_x

Drain time rules are there for a reason!
I like this idea on paper but I agree with mono. I think that it could work if the mapper has mapped the song already and wanted to add another diff after the fact. This makes it so the mapper doesn't have to remake the lower diffs and I think that would save time.

Tho as a counter point, most mappers don't map the same song twice.

Just a thought and wanna know what people think
Noch Einen
Sounds like lazy mapper³ to take care gd & yourself.

You want expert & rank it? Just map more expert (read 2nd sentence of drain time rules)
Nah man low diffs are already the most played thing in the game by a long shot and having different takes on low diffs for the same song is always welcome for those since a lot of them just want to enjoy the song
not everyone map the same song in the same style, thats the whole reason of pushing another map for same song into ranked
example, ranked is simple rice map, ur new map is 1 difficulty higher but purely in LN, it doesnt even related to the ranked one in any ways, but still possible loophole in ur new proposal as rankeable cuz its 1 difficulty higher.

just map full/extended/remixed version if u dont want deal with spread rule, its that simple.

and the whole argument of saving mapper's time doesnt really make sense, the time spend in ranking a map is mostly on finding mod and BN... and dealing with QA. making the map is the easiest part.
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To those who claim me to be lazy: Yes I'm lazy, but I love mapping, so I'm here to seek the possibility to reduce a bit of unnecessary work. The real problem is that it seems only I think such work is unnecessary.

@DH I mean that the spread should be reasonable, by the same standard as how we judge a complete spread.
fwiw this is identical to the first proposal here, which came from discussion about spread in the rc rewrite group (see pinned topic)

I think it's just kind of weird that mappers would "benefit" from each other's work explicitly despite not agreeing to collaborate. the one who mapped the first Ranked difficulties might take offense to other mappers that used their effort in order to put in less of their own. and also the level of difficulty alone probably doesn't indicate a suitable alternative (basically what drum-hitnormal said)

but I totally agree with you that calling mappers "lazy" isn't an appropriate reason to dismiss this, or any other spread proposal -- kind of disappointing to see
While I'm against the proposal for other reasons, I do not ultimately believe the reason for which can be dumbed down to laziness alone.

HomieLove said it best. The casual audience for this game, is huge. To privy these new recreations of already ranked songs from newer or lower skill ceiling players doesn't sit right with me. Spreads have their purpose and in the context of Ranked they ensure that there's a consistent amount of difficulty levels across the entire spectrum.

It's hard striking a balance between mappers/players when it comes to spreads. But to outright annihilate them is probably a no-go at the moment.
Ryu Sei
I don't think it's fair for a mapper who only map one diff by justifying "this diff would fit that other map's spread" to make ranked maps easier. It is the equivalent of forcing someone to accept your map as guest difficulty, while the essence of the guest difficulty at the first place is mutual agreement.
I strongly disagree with this one sorry.

The song you want to map is not even 2 minutes drain time, you should map a full spread for everyone so that even less skilled players can experience your map and so that they can play the song they enjoy.
Lazy is really the only reason behind this and I don't think it's justifiable at all especially on such short songs.

I can understand that for such a high rated player such as yourself low diffs might not give any excitement and might be boring to map, but you have to think about the grander scale of things and realize that there are way more less skilled players than there are skilled ones.

And we as mappers should provide for all audiences.
Your mapset is your mapset, other mapsets are different and as such they should be treated as different.

In my opinion spread rules should apply to every set no matter if it was ranked before.

Also big + to what Monoseul said, it is very unfair to mappers who are first to rank a set, ask for GDs if you don't want to map other required difficulties for the drain time.
dude just say you don't want to map a spread and move on
Closing as invalid as the discussion didn't seem to be in favour of the idea.
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