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Hi. I haven't been playing osu for years and want to return. The problem is my mouse X710-MK is very old, so I'm gonna bye a new one.

Any mice I find are too large for my hand, since mine was about 100mm in length. Do you know any good and comfortable wired mice this size? Or I just can buy the exact mouse I played with?

Thank you
I use a Sabrent MS-OPMN mouse which is tiny. It's only $8 on Amazon too, so it's worth checking out IMO. I think it's about as small as the one you mentioned.

The measurements on Amazon are actually incorrect. It says the mouse is 152mm long, but it clearly isn't. So I measured it and it comes out to about 80mm in length.

Or just keep using your old one. Is there something wrong with it?
Trick question; the correct answer is to buy a tablet.
You can use this database to filter and search mice via their length

Almost every sub 100mm mouse is either expensive or isn't being produced anymore with almost no aftermarket models available. Your best option is probably the Cooler Master MM720 which may have a shape you dislike.

(I actually did a lot of research for this, it's weird that there aren't a lot of mini mice on the market.)

shiratori1115 wrote:

Trick question; the correct answer is to buy a tablet.
Correct answer is not yours at all.
Razer viper mini
logi g203

lenght is not everything. With such a bulky thing as x710 overall volume is quite high. Its enhanced by humps and curvature.
Save choice would be to pick something similar to your prev mouse, as g203
(actually x710 is a Roccat design, but with most of the gripstyles I feel like difference is unsignificant size-wise)
, but you can open your mind and buy a really good one wireless mouse, as vxe r1 for 30-35$. Dont look at the lenght, its thin and the hump covers any size of hands nicely

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