How do i map tech?

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Is there any in-depth guide for mapping tech?
you don't map "tech", but most ranked "tech" maps represent the music well.

the music has to leave room to map "tech" in some way (not saying you can't map technically with songs that do not support the mapping "style") BUT it wouldn't make much sense.

Regardless; it's a common misconception, in my opinion, that technical maps are characterized by having speedy and crazy sliders and funny patterns, ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOT. A technical map lies all in its movement and how it expresses the music well. The cherry on top is when you add the crazy sliders and patterns in combination with the movement.

Even the small things such as using more angular/straight sliders, creating rough and uncomfortable movement, and creating move rigid and robotic patterns vs. using more curved/linear sliders, using aesthetically pleasing visuals, and more comfortable/circular movement, depending on the music makes a MASSIVE DIFFERENCE.

Overall, it's extremely hard to explain mapping knowledge to one another. You just have to map for years, go through trial and error, and receive modding.

The best I can do is show you a bad "tech" map: beatmapsets/779495#osu/1641008

vs a good one: beatmapsets/1643220#osu/3354073

Also pishifat made a lil youtube video on "tech" maps:
Also I feel like tech maps don't have to be so hard aswell!

Even if it looks tricky, it can still be somewhat easy and fun to play!

Though that's probably even harder to see in the ranked category.
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