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how to display images directly on osu! beatmap discussions? BBcode doesn't seem to work there

like this (example):

Image source: beatmapsets/2102259/discussion/4543385/timeline#/4074508
modding discussions, as well as comment sections, use markdown like discord and some other places do :>

The markdown for an image is

!(alt text)[LINK]

you can leave alt text empty, so really it's usually this format:


other markdown like **this** for bold etc also work too.
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ok thanks
I think Noffy is wrong it should be ![](LINK)

At least that's how I always do it lol
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thanks for the correction momoyo
Noffy is right though? I'm pretty sure ![](LINK) doesn't work in discussion
Jason X
It is ![](link)

Just having []() (no !) apparently also works
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Sorry for bumping this post

Can't i use a direct link from does it have to be from the domain?

I just tried it using the direct link from and it infinite loading :(
I'd suggest to use a different domain other than imgur if that's the case. I also tried to make sure and doesn't seem to work for modding discussions yeah.
Jason X
From the osu!wiki: wiki/en/BBCode

So yeah, use something that isn't imgur, cause it wont work.
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