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Recently, when i was playing mania, my left arm feels sore 1-2 minutes into a session, while my right arm was completely fine. What could be the problem and how can i solve this? Thanks.
Did you have some kind of serious injury with your left arm in the past?
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nope, i think its more of a posture problem
This reminds me, once I was grinding for like 3 hours straight and I accidentally injured myself whilst playing mania… my right arm was hurting for like 3 days. But uhh why your arm is hurting might be because there is too much strain on it? Try playing with less force idk tbh..
Is your left arm non dominant? Sometimes the problem isn't to do with posture (it probably does have a play in it though) but rather the fact that your other hand is physically weaker you can fix it by training your arm (look up some guides about training non dominant hands)

And it also helps to figure out the difference between your arms such as maybe your left arm tenses up slightly when you aren't paying attention or maybe it's curved in such a way that it hinders you
It can be a real pain to figure out the problems so all you can do is pay VERY close attention to every little thing you do your arms are like people get to know them
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