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Is there any information on bot/mod support for this game, Will we be able to use bots built for osu stable such as Autohost or MaidBot.

Searching online for any of this info is completely pointless as your just going to get directed to 2016 reddit threads
Chat bots like Tillerino seem to work just fine... but as osu! is moving away from the "!mp" style of handling lobbies, the people who write bots will have to start using the new APIs.

I looked and the ability to create and deal with multiplayer lobbies seems to be restricted to the actual lazer client for the time being, which kinda blows... docs/index.html#post-apiv2rooms

Perhaps it just takes someone to ask? You can run Lazer's whole infrastructure on your own computer nowadays so it's not as if you can't start developing and then show peppy or whoever.
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