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Hey, new to the forum so thought I'd try to contribute something. So I thought starting a discussion on a game thats coming out soon would be fine way to start. So what are your opinions on the upcoming Elder scrolls game? I have played the beta and frankly I think it has potential to be a very good game. I am quite annoyed at the imperial race only being available to those who buy the collectors edition though,
i've played two beta sessions and to be honest it seems like a really uncomfortable mix of mmo and rpg that doesn't really know what's it's trying to be

as an rpg in the sense of the elder scrolls games, the combat mechanics are trash, the customisation is weak, skills don't mesh together or have anything unique or attractive about them

as an mmo again the combat feels really stilted and aside from that it doesn't seem to bring anything new to the mmo table save for a first person perspective, which let's be honest with the models and animations it has is pretty ugly anyway

they've made an mmorpg that's a bad rpg and a bad mmo and two wrongs don't make a right

not to mention the models all feel like enlarged replicas of their skyrim counterparts, which makes you feel uncomfortably small and out of place and gives the entire game a trite veneer of cheapness

i didn't enjoy it and i won't be buying it
La Volpe
I've been in the beta for a while and I enjoyed it. What made me not want to buy this game anymore is the special Imperial edition. They are ruinning the lore of the game just to earn so extra money, as a Elder Scroll fan this is unacceptable. Also, that feature that makes you play the race you want in any of the Alliances is ridiculous, wouldn't it be wierd to see some Nords walking free on the Summerset Isle? In a nutshell, the pay to win edition made me not want to buy this game anymore. (I was hyped for this game... :( )
I've been in the last 5 or so beta sessions and what really bothers me is it's testing almost the same (limited level) stuff while the same bugs from the last sessions still exist. The game has so much potential, but it will probably end up going full free to play in a year with a stupid pay to win cash shop like almost all other MMO's. I'm probably still going to buy it (lol) unless the werewolf stuff ends up being something terrible in which case is a 100% deal breaker for me.
very poor mmo that will still sell just because of the name
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