looking for a filipino osu friend group (living in U.S. / Canada) (age 13-17)

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me and my friend, both 15, looking to unite with some filipinos because we're pretty whitewashed from not having to talk about our culture with other fellow filipinos. kinda hard to find filipino friends online so I'm posting this here hoping to make some

not just to play osu with but to talk to and play other games (valorant, rblx, csgo, genshin, fn, minecraft, btd battles, phasmaphobia, basically any games)

we have a lot of free time so if you're somewhat filipino plz chat with us we're lonely :)
i have group chat in facebook but few foreigners, if you wish to join direct message me here in this game, right now the condition of my group is semi active but still they talk if you approach them, and yes i would like to join yours as well
Ok hit me up! I'm free as well, not that free but I won't leave a reply unanswered! Peacee!!
im in the same situation pls
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