HOYO-MiX - La vaguelette

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on martedì 21 novembre 2023 at 19:50:28

Artist: HOYO-MiX
Title: La vaguelette
Source: Genshin Impact
Tags: Video Game Videogame Classical Pop Opera Ballad French osuplayer111 Sekai Sekaii Sekai-nyan Leomine LeomineXD Syndicate_ -_Nilou_- Hydro Archon Furina de Fontaine 芙寧娜 芙宁娜 푸리나 フリーナ 原神 원신 Cécilia Cara
BPM: 110
Filesize: 18347kb
Play Time: 02:24
Difficulties Available:
  1. Farewell (3,39 stars, 254 notes)
  2. Hard (2,63 stars, 230 notes)
  3. Nilou's Normal (1,5 stars, 142 notes)
  4. Sekai's Tragic Love (3,05 stars, 217 notes)
Download: HOYO-MiX - La vaguelette
Download: HOYO-MiX - La vaguelette (no video)
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
My 343rd Beatmap.

Background Source: Link (Edited by Sekai)

Special thanks to KaedeharaKazuha for timing help and to LeomineXD for the hitsounds!


Farewell - Done.
Sekai's Tragic Love - Done.
Hard - Done.
Nilou's Normal - Done.
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