osu! Philippines Nationals 2023 - osu!catch [CONCLUDED]

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Silhoueska Elze

Welcome to the osu!Philippines Nationals 2023 - osu!catch (or PHNC2023 for short)!

Master Sheet | Discord Server | Wiki Page (to follow)

Bracket | Twitch | VOD Archive

Silhoueska Elze, Lawrence Angelo, Frizu

Map Selectors:
Lawrence Angelo, wwwww, Katsuragi, autofanboy, Nosuri

Eliminate, Aiery, ToshiroKen, Nosuri, -Ichinose, ERA Xuste,
Silhoueska Elze, [GB]Reisen

ToshiroKen, Nosuri, [GB]Reisen, Silhoueska Elze

Eliminate, Silhoueska Elze, [GB]Reisen, Nosuri, Lawrence Angelo

Tournament Statistics:
Albionthegreat, -[Pochi]-, ShadeCegLgMn, SurfChu85

Graphics Designer:
FLCammo, jari yukina meng
(For most up-to-date staff list, please refer to the Master Sheet)

Note that some dates may change slightly, be sure to join to discord to be updated if they do

October 7th - 21st: Registrations
October 29th: Qualfiier Showcase
November 4th - 5th: Qualifiers
November 11th - 12th: Round of 16 (Best of 9)
November 18th - 19th: Quarterfinals (Best of 9)
November 25th - 26th: Semifinals (Best of 11)
December 2th - 3th: Finals (Best of 11)
December 9th - 10th: Grand Finals (Best of 13)

  1. Score V2 will be used
  2. NoFail will be enforced regardless of the mod being used per map.

Qualifier Stage

  1. There will be 5 maps, consisting of 2 NoMod, 1 Hidden, 1 HardRock and 1 DoubleTime.
  2. Players will be scheduled to a multiplayer room according to their availability.
  3. Each player will get 2 attempts at each map, only the best attempt for each map will count
  4. Each map will have its own leaderboard, and each player's overall seed will be determined by the average of these ranks.
  5. The top 16 players advance to the Bracket Stage.

Bracket Stage

  1. Players are seeded into a double-elimination bracket, which would consist of the top 16 players of the qualifier round.
  2. Mappool Sizes and Best of Format for each round are given as follows:
    1. Round of 16 and Quarterfinals (Best of 9) - 4 NoMod, 2 Hidden, 2 HardRock, 2 DoubleTime, 1 Tiebreaker
    2. Semifinals and Finals(Best of 11)- 4 NoMod, 3 Hidden, 3 HardRock, 3 DoubleTime, 1 Tiebreaker
    3. Grand Finals (Best of 13)- 5 NoMod, 3 Hidden, 3 HardRock, 3 DoubleTime, 1 Tiebreaker

Match Rules

  1. The multiplayer room will be created and invites sent to players 5-10 minutes prior to the match start time.
  2. If a player is more than 10 minutes late to the for their match, the player inside the MP room will be declared the winner. If neither player appears, the player with the higher seed will be considered the winner.
  3. Each player will be allowed to select 1 map as a warmup. Warmups must be uploaded to the osu! servers and cannot exceed 4 minutes in length.
  4. Players can choose to ban 1 map from the mappool (excluding the tiebreaker). The pick/ban order is determined by the !roll command. The player with the lower roll bans first and the player with the higher roll picks first. Players will alternate picks until a match winner is decided.
  5. If both players are tied on match point (e.g. 4-4 score in a Best-of-9), the players will play the tiebreaker map of the pool to determine the winner.
  6. Players are given 2 minutes to ban/pick maps when it is their turn. Failure to do so means that the referee will ban/pick at random in behalf of the player.
  7. Players are eligible to use a 2 minute tactical time out once per match. They are only allowed to use it when it is their turn to pick. It will take into effect after the pick timer has expired.

Player Eligibility

Players who are ranked #5000 and above in the osu!catch global rankings will be allowed to join the tournament. Additionally, players who currently have (or had at some point since Account Creation) the Philippine Flag on their profile or players who do not have the Philippine Flag on their profiles but can present a proof of their Philippine Citizenship to the staff are the only ones allowed to join the tournament.

To submit a formal complaint to the official Tournament Committee about MALT, please visit this link:
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