[o!m1k] Jaye's One Key Event 3: paradigm//SHIFT (JOKE) [FINISHED]

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Welcome to Jaye's One Key Event 3: paradigm//SHIFT (JOKE), the largest 1v1 1Key Mania tournament hosted by Jaye (Drum Decimator)!
The tournament has now concluded; thanks for joining!


1st: Grape_Tea
2nd: hz404
3rd: [LS]Ham
4th: ERA Punish
5th/6th: XK2238 & dectopia


1st Place: $405AUD + Winner Badge
2nd Place: $225AUD
3rd Place: $126AUD
4th Place: $72AUD
5th/6th Place: $36AUD

Master Sheet:

All info here:
Please refer to this sheet frequently, as it has all information about the tournament regarding: staff list, player list, schedule, mappools, bracket, and other miscellaneous things.


Tournament Rules
  1. Jaye's One Key Event (JOKE) is a 1v1 tournament; you're on your own out there!
  2. Beatmap scoring is based on ScoreV2.
  3. The maps for each round will be announced during a live showcase once all matches for a round have concluded (any changes to this will be announced in the Discord server). Only the announced maps will be used during the respective matches.
  4. The tournament is free mod: players are free to use Hidden, Fade-In, Flashlight, Mirror, any of the Key-count mods, or no mod.
  5. The NF mod may be used but is not mandatory; failed scores do not count to the end result. In the event that both players fail: the higher scoring player will claim one point.
  6. If the map ends in a draw: Picker's Privilege - the player who picked the map will be awarded 1 point, and the match will proceed as normal. In the unlikely event that a draw happens on the Tiebreaker map, the map will be replayed.
  7. If a player disconnects, they are treated as if they failed. Map aborting for a "false start" is up to the referee's discretion (and is guaranteed to take place if a disconnect occurs within the first 30 seconds of a map).
  8. Warmups should preferably be 1K Mania maps or 1K Mania converts, but you are free to use something else if your opponent agrees.
  9. The usual osu! rules apply; therefore, macroing and the likes, is strictly prohibited. If you want to be 100% safe, please just use one key (that is the entire point of the tournament after all). If you want to try something unique out for yourself, don't hesitate to ask staff if your play method is allowed.
  10. Please be kind to other players and members of staff; referees have permission to punish players based on any rudeness and disruptiveness.
Tournament Registration
  1. A registration form can be found above (on the Master Sheet) and also in our Discord server (also on the Master Sheet).
  2. Participants are required to both complete the form and be a member of our Discord server (link to Discord on the Master Sheet). This is for identification/legitimacy of registration purposes and for convenience in posting updates about the tournament. If the registration form is filled out and the user is not present in the server when the Registration Phase concludes they will automatically be withdrawn from the registrant list.
  3. There are no restrictions for entry: any rank, any mode, any country is allowed. Please note that osu! tournament staff hold the right to screen you out of the tournament based on community rules and history etc.
Stage Instructions
  1. The first weekend will be the "Qualifiers". All participants will nominate a day/time for them to participate. All participants will then play through the Qualifiers mappool, followed by a 5 minute break (players may opt to skip this), and then through the Qualifiers mappool for a second time (players may opt to skip this as well).
  2. The bracket stage (following Qualifiers) is Double Elimination.
  3. The winning condition for each stage is as follows:
    >Qualifiers - achieve a seed within the top 32 players. Seed is calculated as the average placement of your best scores in all Qualifying maps.
    >Round of 32 - First to 4 (best of 7)
    >Round of 16 - First to 5 (best of 9)
    >Quarter Finals - First to 5 (best of 9)
    >Semi Finals - First to 6 (best of 11)
    >Finals - First to 6 (best of 11)
    >Grand Finals - First to 7 (best of 13)
Match Instructions
  1. A referee will create a multiplayer room approx. 10 minutes in advance. Players must gather during this period.
    >Room settings are osu!mania, Win Condition: ScoreV2. Room name must be "JOKE: Lobby #" for Qualifying Round, and "JOKE: (Player 1) vs (Player 2)" for every other round.
  2. Players will be listed as having forfeited should they fail to show up 10 minutes after the allotted time.
  3. Excluding Qualifiers, each player is free to select 1 warmup per match, which may not be longer than 5 minutes.
  4. Each player must ban one beatmap selected from the pool. These beatmaps are not allowed to be picked by any player during the match.
  5. Each player must use "!roll" in #multiplayer.
    >The loser will nominate first ban of the pool.
    >The winner will then nominate second ban/first pick of the pool.
  6. In case of a tie, the tiebreaker map will be played.
Mappool Instructions
  1. There will be one mappool for each round (as stated above).
  2. Mappools do not contain mod categories, but are instead aimed at meeting certain mapping-styled criteria. These include: Rice, LN, Hybrid/Tech, Speed/Hard, and SV.
  3. The size of the mappool will increase by 2 when the win condition calls for it so (see Stage Instructions).
  4. The mappools will be uploaded by Jaye after the showcase concludes. The pool will be a multi-song mapset available on the osu!website (in the case of Round of 16 and onwards, the pool will be two multi-song mapsets).
Scheduling Instructions
  1. Each stage will be held on a single weekend.
  2. Scheduling will be handled by the staff team; match times will be based on those provided during the Registration Phase.
  3. Reschedules will only be considered if involved parties are all at an agreeance (minus Qualifiers, in which case, you are free to pick a lobby time that you wish to enter, provided there is lobby space to accommodate for you).
  4. Reschedules are 100% accepted so long as they are at least 48hours before the first scheduled match of the round; any later and staff have the right to reject.
REMINDER: All times presented during this tournament are in accordance with GMT (UTC+0). Please adjust yourself accordingly.

Finally, have fun and please take care of your peripherals.
This has got to be a JOKE right?
im a standard player but im tempted to sign up

nominomu wrote:

im a standard player but im tempted to sign up
thats the beauty of 1k its so intuitive that anyone can pick it up so please do sign up!!
we are so back
hit the key
literally anyone can play in this tournament its actually super uniting
bro cannot wait
Wimpy Cursed
can't wait for some longjacking
It's happening boys
these maps should be rankable ... nobody gets it...
Too difficult 😪
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Already disclosed in our Discord server, but I will put it here for any passerbys.
There has been an edit to the ruleset as below:
* There is now NO banning process. Charts cannot be banned.
* There is now NO SV category of maps. This will make all non-Qualifier stages one chart smaller.

[OCT8] EDIT: above change reverted due to unforeseen mapper resurrection.

[OCT17] EDIT: Wording changed from "...the user is not present in the server when the Screening Phase concludes..." to "...the user is not present in the server when the Registration Phase concludes...".
This is what I have been telling people that signed up so that should be the stated rule.

[OCT26] EDIT: Wording change regarding Qualifiers process. Players are not assigned to lobbies/they nominate a day and time to participate. Break reduced to 5mins. Added wording that break and second run are not mandatory (opt-in basis).
geometry dash osu tournament
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