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Hi there.
Here comes my 2 new beatmaps. :mrgreen:
Just Communication by Two-mix from Gundam W and Dreams by Romantic Mode from Gundam X.
Hope the timing will be right this time ;)
both are easy to play.Enjoy them! :P
Two - Mix - Just Communication
Romantic Mode - Dreams
Two very cool tracks.. unfortunately I haven't yet had time to play either :cry:. Will definitely get around to this tomorrow and provide some feedback.
Finally got a chance to play these. Great work! Short and sweet - and pretty good for beginners (especially just communication).

Keep it up :)

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Really good work there, great combinations of sliders+notes.

One big gripe I have is the beginning of Dreams - the break is waaaay too long. I mean, the introductory silence is 37 seconds long, and the whole beatmap lasts 1:42! That's 36% :shock: It shouldn't be too hard to put some notes at the start. ;)

Aside from that though, there's nothing to fault with these two - looking forward to your next works!

I will be adding a skip button before the next build I hope - I think this is not really a problem of the beatmap itself, personally :).
I think most of the reason I got a perfect S on this song is because it was one of the first mp3s I ever had on my first computer and I know it a liiiittle too well. Too fun!
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