[o!m 4k] Touhou Mania Cup 3rd (THMC 3) <No Limit> [Reg Closed]

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  1. TOUHOU Project Mania Cup 3rd (THMC 3) is an international osu!mania 4K 2v2 tournament.
  2. Beatmap scoring will be based on Score V2.
  3. This tournament consists of Qualifier and Double-Elimination Stage.
  4. The main theme of this tournament is Touhou Project. All the tracks in the mappool are based on Touhou original and fan fiction music.
  5. This tournament has no rank limit.


  1. Please complete the REGISTRATION FORM to registrate.
  2. Participants are required to join as teams. The size of a team has a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4.
  3. If any member in a team is blacklisted by organisers or considered "suspicious" by the osu! official, the whole team will be disqualified. Right reserved. Blacklists by other tournaments will be reference.
  4. All information of the tournament will be ONLY available on our DISCORD SERVER. All captains are asked to join the server in case of any issue.
  5. If you wish to register as a member of staff, please complete the STAFF REGISTRATION FORM. Please also fill in your Discord ID in the first question.


1st place: 4 months of osu!supporter tag, profile badge (pending)
2nd place: 2 months of osu!supporter tag
3rd place: 1 month of osu!supporter tag



Registration: 17/04/2023-01/05/2023
Qualifier Mappool Showcase: 07/05/2023 12:00
Qualifier: 07/05/2023-14/05/2023
Round of 32: 20/05/2023-21/05/2023
Round of 16: 27/05/2023-28/05/2023
Quarter-finals: 03/06/2023-04/06/2023
Semi-finals: 10/06/2023-11/06/2023
Finals: 17/06/2023-18/06/2023
Grand Finals: 24/06/2023-25/06/2023


Round of 32: 8 Freemod + 1 Tiebreaker, BO7
Round of 16: 8 Freemod + 1 Tiebreaker, BO7
Quarter-finals: 10 Freemod + 1 Tiebreaker, BO9
Semi-finals: 10 Freemod + 1 Tiebreaker, BO9
Finals: 12 Freemod + 1 Tiebreaker, BO11
Grand Finals: 14 Freemod + 1 Tiebreaker, BO13

Each stage has an independent mappool. Mappools for corresponding stages will be released by map selectors one week in advance on weekends.


Host: [GB]Sanae, TBA
Co-Host: TBA
Mappoolers: TBA
Mappers: TBA
Referees: TBA
Streamers: TBA
Commentators: TBA
Banner Designer: [GB]King Fish
Wiki: cdwcgt, TBA


(MWC / 4DM regulation as reference)


  • After teams are selected, the first weekend of tournament play will be the Qualifier Stage in order to cut down to a pre-decided number of teams to advance into the following stage, as well as to determine each team's "seed" (More about team "seeds" will be discussed later). There will be a total of 6 different qualifier maps, each meant to test a different skillset found in map pools throughout the tournament. Stages of the maps in qualifiers conform to the stages of their original song in touhou game.

    Each team should present 2 players to play each map (switching players who play between maps is allowed), and will play each of the 6 qualifier maps up to two times in the lobby. Highest team total score between the 2 rounds will be recorded. (For example, if a team scores 975000, 975000 on round 1 and then 985000, 970000 on round 2, the 2nd round will be the one recorded because the total team score was higher on the second round.)

    Teams will be ranked based on the “score rating” of their qualifier performances, meaning that each teams' performance on each of the 6 qualifier maps will be ranked compared to every other team and the ranks that each team achieves on these 6 maps will then be added up. The teams will then be sorted based on their "score rating" from lowest to highest, with lower score ratings being ranked better than higher score ratings.

    The results of the Qualifier Stage will also be used to determine the “seed” of each team. After Qualifier ends and every team has either gotten a seed or not qualified, the bracket will then begin. A standard Double Elimination bracket will be used where the top seeded team will face the bottom seeded team, second highest will face second lowest, so on and so forth. Each team must lose two different matches to be eliminated from the tournament, this means that every team will get the chance to at least play two separate pools.


  1. Team captains will be notified of their match via ping on discord by the referee of their match 15 minutes before the match is scheduled to commence. There will be no warm-up phase during this tournament.
  2. Team captains will be invited to their match lobby by a referee no less than 5 minutes before the match is scheduled to commence. In the time before the match, team captains will invite and gather their teams into the lobby. Each team must have at least 2 members present in the lobby.
  3. Team captains will !roll in #multiplayer (room chat) before match. Roll winner decides pick first or ban first, the other team automaticlly choose others. (for example, if roll winner choose pick first, their team will ban second.)
  4. Teams will have 2 minutes to pick a beatmap and 2 minutes to get ready.
  5. There could be up to 2 minutes between each map. Besides, each team could request a longer pause (up to 5 minutes for break and up to 10 minutes if technical issue occurs) once in each match.
  6. After each map concludes, the team with the highest team score on the map will be awarded one point.
  7. Picks will alternate between team captains until a winner is decided by being the first to get the required amount of points to win that round.
  8. If both teams tie at match point, the tiebreaker map will be played, the team who wins the tiebreaker map will win the match.

Other Rules

  1. The tournament hosts are responsible for scheduling all matches and informing players of when they are scheduled to play.
  2. Please note that while the organizers will try to schedule all matches for the best possible time for both teams, timezone conflicts may make some matches be forced to occur in the early mornings or late nights.
  3. Reshedules should be proposed no later than the end of Thursday of the week before the weekend of their match. Instructions on how to do so will be provided in the discord server.
  4. If no referee is available to referee a match, the match shall be delayed.
  5. If no streamers are available to broadcast the match, the match will still happen without being broadcasted.
  6. If no commentators are available to commentate the match but broadcasters are available to broadcast the match, the match will still be broadcasted but without commentary.
  7. Each respective stage of the tournament is to be completed in a single weekend, using the same map pool for the entire weekend. Weekday matches are allowed if both team captains agree to them and they take place before the weekend of that scheduled stage. As aforementioned, map pools will be released a week before the stage they are to be played on.
  8. Toxic behavior (include but not limited to posting political or ethnical content, abusing others, accusing without sufficient evidence or justification) toward any staff member, player, or spectator either in match multiplayer chatroom, the official discord server, or the streaming chatroom will be punished.

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is there anyone want to help with referee pls (wouldnt be able to play the tourney tho)
come to discord and we'll discuss then
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