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I’m trying to make a beat and the mapping verification thingy said that my map has like 1/3 or less or less
My map:
AI mod just point out uncommon snappings. safe to ignore if that is actually what's going on rhythmically in the music.

However you've mistimed the song, and used the beatsnap divisor to try and compensate for that, which is not how its meant to be used.

most songs you can just stick to 1/4 divisor and everything will line up if you timed it right.

try remapping/resnapping using this timing: bpm 158 offset 1490

not 100% sure on that offset, maybe someone else can spend more time and give a better one - I still don't trust my ear much for offsets and I only spent a minute or two, but this is definitely close enough to actually map the right rhythms. Stay on 1/4 beatsnap divisor for this map, I didn't notice any other rhythms when I skimmed the song.
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