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Aim Cup 2 is a 4vs4 (Team size 8) Relax based International open rank Tournament focusing around Aim.
Depending on Registration amount 16 or 32 Captains will be selected, matches are going to be Double Elimination and the win condition is going to be Accuracy. All matches are going to be played with the Relax mod. This tournament will be running as an Auction means you register solo and you will be sold on an Auction for Team Captains.
A full rundown about our rules can be found on our landing page.

Auction is a system that will allow Captains (that are chosen by the Aim Cup Organizers) to bid on the registered players. The Auction will happen on a Discord Channel, with a dedicated Bot managing it.

  1. Auction will be Livestreamed on the Aim Cup Twitch Channel.
  2. The Auction will be held on the Aim Cup Discord server, a dedicated Channel will be there.
  3. The Auction will happen on a Sunday 15:00 UTC
  4. Captains have a Total of 14.000 Cash
  5. The minimum price for a player is 100 (equal to minimum increment)
  6. The max price for a player is 9000
  7. The order of the players being auctioned is randomized
  8. Each Team needs atleast 5 Players.
  9. Unsold players can be picked up for FREE.
  10. Captains are handpicked after the registration, if you wish to know more about our criteria please DM Haruki#6860.Also don't worry, we will try to make sure every Captain is around the same skill level!

If you like to donate to this prize pool please contact Haruki#6860.

First Place 100€ + badge (pending)

The amount is in Total, the price money would split evenly among all team members.

depending on screening result the tourney might be moved 1 week behind, dates are subject to change
  1. 01.01 - 21.01 Registration
  2. 28.01 - 29.01 Qualifier
  3. 05.02 - 15:00 UTC Auction
  4. 11.02 - 12.02 Round of 32
  5. 18.02 - 19.02 Round of 16
  6. 25.02 - 26.02 Quarter-Finals
  7. 04.03 - 05.03 Semi-Finals
  8. 11.03 - 12.03 Finals
  9. 18.03 - 19.03 Grand-Finals
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Mainsheet currently doesn't show registered players, should be added in 5-8hours.

Sorrwy ;w;

okay fixed
damn real nice
new slaves by kanye west
polska gurom
Marisa Kirisame
Any Aimers in chat?
lets goooooooo
Aim cup
this thread not dying on my watch
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peappi wrote:

this thread not dying on my watch
you earned yourself a medal
Let's do this.
Gonna get that victory royale

-Haruki wrote:

you earned yourself a medal
the medal is made out of chocolate i want a refund
Marisa Kirisame
Ya'll shuold regis, this shit litty
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Marisa Kirisame wrote:

Ya'll shuold regis, this shit litty
speaking facts
i love relax
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Only 9 more days until registration closes !
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