Which anime scene leaves you crying?

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Angel Beats when MC got stuck in a tunnel
Clannad. I'm blanking on some others I'm sure.

Otamegartist wrote:

windowcurtin wrote:

anohana last scene everytime
so this

sakurasou's ending too.
Same here
Angel Beats, Iwasawa's ep, when Otonashi's sister died, Yui's ep and the ending/graduation.
Angel Beats - Graduation ceremony / Otonashi's Story
Ano Hana - Ending
Clannad - many scenes
Fairy Tail - many scenes (Don't want to spoiler anything :p)
Sakurasou - Secondlast episode
Kamisama no inai Nichiyoubi - Ending
Guilty Crown - Hare Scene
Kyoukai no Kanata - Ending
Kokoro Connect
True Tears

Well that is about it what I remember... Yes I'm a emotional crybaby when I watch Anime :C
A lot... Angel beats, Toradora, Guilty Crown, SAO (Yui's scene, my God I'm crying again just thinking about it), Tasogare Otome X Amnesia, Zetsuen no tempest (was kinda balanced between hapinness & sadness tho) and way more :D
Anything clannad, angel feels, or really anything made by Key gets me in the feels
Pekoyama's Trail in DR2 even though the anime hasn't come out yet , i watched it in the trial , goddamn it was sad ;;
Ending of Death note , godd it was so twisted and sad
Ending of Magi season 2 , I won't spoil or say why ~~
Angel Beats ending. The Feels man.
- Ano Hana ending
- Clannad After Story Ushio scenes
- Tasogare Otome x Amnesia ending
- Code Geass 2nd season ending
the only anime that i cried is NHK ni youkoso
ToraDora's Ending(25 Ep) when Ryuji finds Taiga in school
Hidden Symphony
Steins;Gate when Okabe tries to save Mayuri, Last Scene with Hachikuji in the Monogatari Series + End of the Tiger part with Hanekawa and the Gosick Ending.

Though I cried the hardest when I read Ha Il Gwons Manhwas.

Ushio became my favourite character, and that moment hit me right in the feels.
Sakurasou no pet na kanojati
Angel beats ending and Clannad after stories episode 18(?)-24
Psycho-Pass: Akane watches her friend get killed in front of her, Ginoza's father dies
One Piece: Pretty much every character's flash backs
Angel Beats: Yui's departure
Steins;Gate: Mayuri's deaths
Detective Conan: End of movie 1 where Ran cuts the blue wire instead of the red, all that red string of fate crap
Kyoukai no Kanata: last 3 episodes
Puella Magi Madoka Magica: last episode(s)
Anohana: last episode(s)

Any shojo anime I've watched, there's been multiple scenes.. Lovely Complex, Sugar Sugar Rune, Kobato., et cetera..

kirueggy wrote:

Anything clannad, angel feels, or really anything made by Key gets me in the feels
Oh yes... this studio is really talented to make us cry. Air is going to be the saddest anime I've watched for a loooong time. I was crying so much I could barely see during the last episode. And now it's impossible for me to hear the main theme without having tears coming up.

I cried over all the scenes already quoted I've watched... "glad" to see I'm not the only one to sincerely cry watching an anime. '~'

I didn't see it quoted so... cowboy bebop end made me cry as well.
I was like: "seriously? n...no"
1/4 second later: "I won't cry."
1/4 second later: :cry:
Corpse party when Seiko dies :c
Also when Yuka dies
The same goes for Mayu

And when Naomi said "I love you" in the last episode, pretty much after she opens her phone and saw messages from Seiko (Damn that made me cry like a kid :c)

Angel beats when they all fade away in the end

And some other endings from animes.
Brian OA
That scene in Clannad where Tomoya and his dad do more than just silently stare at each other with the former randomly breaking into a tantrum
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