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Can this be made into a game-mode? Just cause?
dat note..... @_@, anyway not anyone want this game diff because is only for touch screen, how about mouse/tablet user play this? can we play this?
Certainly - it might even be easier for tablet/mouse users. Regardless, I don't think this will be put into the game as an official mode as it can already (and only?) be done through mapping and if it existed as a game-mode - would most likely be unranked.
Peppy doesn't seem too big on the 'just cause' reasoning for anything.

Edit: I also beg the question of how this would be made algorithm-wise. The map you showed works because objects end and new ones start on the same beat, while normal maps have objects which end on different beats than others start. Ranked maps contain triplets, streams, stacked-repeat sliders and other elements which you simply couldn't convert to the sort of map you showed.
If you can figure out some algorithm for making these sort of maps automatically, I would be more than happy to make beatmap generator for these maps myself.
This already is the standard osu! gamemode. I don't get what you're asking for. If you want more crappy maps then encourage crappy mappers to make them.
This kind of gameplay is achieved in osu!stream isn't it?
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I want a gamemode, Or an eaiser way to reproduce this. My current game mode for playting this is "Mouse and KB" So... Yeah. It seems like it would be a pain to create under normal circumstances.,,, And OSU! auto fails this song, Every time, It cannot be disabled via storyboard, or video. and changes with your skin... Its quite elabrate.

Sorry for any misunderstandings, Drunk as heck right now.

No more posts like this please, If you dont like the idea, I dont care.

All i want is it to be made easily... Its the smartest and funnest map i've ever played.... Reminds me of seether - fake it.
i don't really think it'll get it's own game mode to be honest

going to deny, but feel free to continue talking about this. i can revive the thread if i see anything come up that could make this work as a separate game mode
Encouraging mappers to make more maps like this is a better choice but a new game mode for it is highly unlikely (next to "No.").
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Sober again... Anyway

Perhaps making it easier for users to use the storyboard..... More maps like this would make me a happy person.
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