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Should be resolved pretty soon, sorry for inconvenience.
EDIT: fixed.
I can't find the original luminance. Where is it? ._.

KasiVodka wrote:

Thanks for your amazing skin, it is working great <3

Setsuen wrote:

I seriously <3 this skin. Made HD mod much easier for me at least :)
I have been trying out some skin and this one suit me the best (Before this I was using Kamui's skin lol)
Uruoki did you fixed your pc issues?
and when will be the new update released ?
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Agrrox wrote:

Uruoki did you fixed your pc issues?
and when will be the new update released ?
Yes, sometime this year.
Awesome skin, loving it
bump! :) still hoping for new update to come out!
as you installed the skin? :cry:
Awesome skin everything is awesome, but i just have two problems with it.

Its kinda like made for professionals. I cant play songs with video or background it has to be darked out and i enjoy playing the intros and watching them, not just playing, thats the magic of this game for me, this skin makes me loose it.

This one is simple. The scary a** spinner sound, i kinda jumped when i had my first spinner coming up with this skin.

But to end it, its a really cool skin, i feel better when playing like its easier. If i had to choose default or this, ill just use default if i want to play for fun and use this skin to play for score, ranking, really good.
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I plan on working on this again next month.
This skin has got to be my personal favorite, as others may think otherwise. I found this one and downloaded it not too long ago. Your awesome skin has improved my gameplay, since the room I play it in is pretty dark. I like how most of the sounds are quiet and the colors are dark, so it doesn't strain my eyes. So please, DO NOT change it, the skin is epic. In case it does happen, I keep an extra copy on my computer.
I don't mean to look like a person who kisses people's butt, but this skin helps me.
This is just my personal preference, but do you think you can make a version with brighter colors? I find that bright colors help me notice the "beats". Thanks!
update pls uruoki :)!
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Agrrox wrote:

update pls uruoki :)!
I'm about to start working on it again. It has finally been a month.
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The first update will be small stuff, so don't expect anything fancy. However it should be released tomorrow.

Uruoki wrote:

The first update will be small stuff, so don't expect anything fancy. However it should be released tomorrow.

Uruoki wrote:

The first update will be small stuff, so don't expect anything fancy. However it should be released tomorrow.

Uruoki wrote:

The first update will be small stuff, so don't expect anything fancy. However it should be released tomorrow.

Uruoki wrote:

Everything is made from scratch. Feel free to use this skin however you want.

You can even take the skin, release it and say that you created it. Not even change anything, not even the name. I wouldn't care. Use the skin however you want.
Turn everything off in the detail settings.

If you see [*FLPL], that means that Fluorescence has been updated.
If you see [FL*PL], that means that Planckian Locus has been updated.
If you see [*FL*PL], that means both has been updated.

Luminance is a very unique series of skins. The main staple of both skins is using plenty of factors to determined what works best for the human eyes. There has been a lot of research that has been put into the skin. There is a day time version to grab the attention of our eyes, Fluorescence. The night time version is designed to reduce strain on the eyes in low light areas, Planckian Locus. Each section goes into huge details on the science and reasoning for how the skin is pieced together. Thank you for taking the time to look at my skins. Please post in the thread or message me directly if you have any questions, comments, concerns, complaints, or queries. If you are a returning veteran of the Luminance series, Luminance Standard has been discontinued. Thank you for everyone that has used it.

[ Fluorescence! ]

Download: Download from Skin Database
I love feedback, but right now I am only wanting feedback about the color used in the playing field. Please do not comment about how ugly the UI is. I know, and this will be changed.
Please download from the Skin Database. It is currently in beta, and needs to be tested. If you see any issue, please report them here.
Special thanks to Redon for allowing me to include Aesthetic's hitsounds.
Extras are coming later. Please sit tight.

Before Luminance Planckian Locus was even an idea, the thought of a day time version has been in my head for over months. Fluorescence started from that idea, and it has changed quite before it was even thought of being close to release. With the new personal research on color temperature, Fluorescence has been on the back burner until Planckian Locus was pretty close to perfect.

Why Fluorescence though? To put it simple, Fluorescence is how bright absorbed light appears to our eyes. The main thing players will notice is that the skin is very bright and the colors stay out quite a lot. However because of this, it will hurt the user's eyes. So it is highly suggested to play in a well lit room and to take regular breaks. Fluorescence doesn't bring much new to the Luminance series on a scientific level. It uses the same principle as the standard version and Planckian Locus, just using the opposite colors.

Purple, Blue, Cyan and Green are the main colors. They produce the most energy and stand out the most. One thing that is slightly different is the hit circles. In Planckian Locus, the hitcircle had a small transparency to it. This allows stacked notes to be read easy. Since Fluorescence is designed to bring the most attention, I had to turn up the hue on max and transparency off. To combat this, I made the hitcircles have a double ring around them. The color red is the second most used color. This is used to outline the circles and sliders. I needed a color that did not over take the other colors too much and something that was sitting in the background. Since the hitcircles and sliders are always on the screen, red was choose for this. The red is noticeable to see what they are, but not enough energy is being produced to over power the other colors. White is the 3rd category. It is more noticeable than red, but less noticeable than the other colors. White is used for the slider ball, slider arrow, slider tick, cursor and hitcircle numbers. These elements are either important, but not always on the screen, or needs to be secondary importance to the hitcircle. Cursor is special since it also uses yellow and it another high attention color that is more than red, but less than the others. It makes sense to me, maybe I will write up a better explanation later. As with any new skin, it will still be tested and changed based on feedback.

Rest of the images will come once I redesign them.

Change Logs
  1. Redesign menu box.
  2. Redesign ranking stuff.
  3. Change stuff of Taiko and maybe Mania.
  4. Work on extras.
  1. Added heartbeat, select-expand, click-short-confirm, click-short, check-on, check-off, shutter, welcome and seeya.wav.
  2. Changed spinnerspin.wav.
  3. Redesigned hit0, spinner-middle and spinner-circle.png.
  1. Banana redesign.
  2. Approachcircle has been slightly redesign.
  3. menu-back fixed.
  4. hitcircleoverlay changed, but it still shows the white.
Redesigned mod icons and hit50-300.
  1. Changed everything to fit the new colors.
  2. hitcircle has been changed to double rings and 0 transparency.
  3. Cursor redesigned.
  4. Reverse arrow redesigned.
  5. taiko-slider redesigned
  6. menu-background and fail-background redesigned.

[ Planckian Locus! ]

Download: Download from Skin Database
Download Extras from Skin Database
Please download from the Skin Database. It is currently in beta, and needs to be tested. If you see any issue, please report them here.
Special thanks to Redon for allowing me to include Aesthetic's hitsounds.

Luminance started out as a personal project in October of 2013. It had three major goals that sets itself apart from other skins. Look clean enough so it can be used for high level play, please as many people as possibly and the main point, be very well suited for night time playing. The skin started out using -Ryosuke (-Kamui-) skin as a base and a slight color edit for night time. Over time the skin grew more unique characters. One major update that help push this skin was the HD update. Not only did this update make all the elements in HD, but they were also completely redesigned. Another noticeable update was the April 2th. This update reduced the size of a lot of elements to try to compress the file size. It didn't do much, however the skin had a template and could be updated without guess checking now. Over time Luminance became something. With over thousands of downloads, it was becoming popular, and for good reasons. It removed a lot of distractions and had simple elements to make the skin easy to play with. The skin also had a lot of options to fit many different styles. It was being true to all of the goals that was set. All, but one major goal. It was slightly lacking for night time play. It made playing in the dark more bearable, however it was not doing that good of a job. The skin was researched and tested for many months, but it was still failing.

Welcome Planckian Locus. Planckian Locus is a major update for Luminance that aims to improve that current night time experience. Planckian Locus is the path that color temperature travels. Unlike Luminance, where low contrast colors were used, color temperature is the main focus of this update. Color temperature is the measurement of how much radiation is used to deliver the hues of colors to our eyes. Blue/Purple are known as cool colors, they are measured up to 5000k (kelvin is the measurement used). Lower colors such are red/yellow are known as warm colors.

The sun produces around 6500k. When people view their monitors (6500k) they are basically looking into the sun. This is bad for our eyes for long periods of time and can harm us. Whereas we are able to look at a candle light (1850k)for much longer with little damage. Even though the sun looks red/yellow, it actually produces more blue lights than red lights. That is why it is hard to stare at the sun for long periods of time. Around sunrise/sunset the sky turns red for the night. At this moment is sun is producing 1850k (candle light). This is why people are able to view the sunrise/sunset. This also ties in with the other information that Luminance was crafted with.

Since Planckian Locus is mainly focus on color temperature, the skin will seem quite weird. It is mainly hues of red, orange and yellow. However the combo colors are still very much different from each other. Within a few minutes of playing with the skin, our eyes quickly adjust for the lower temperatures, creating a more smoothing osu experience. The Luminance series strives to the best night time experience for osu!

Change Logs
Redesign hit0-300.
Redesigned mod icons and reverse arrow.
inputoverlay-key@2x, inputoverlay-key: Slightly changed to be more minimalistic.
ranking-winner@2x, ranking-winner: Made them transparent.
ranking-panel@2x, ranking-panel: Made them a bit more transparent.
Starting this update, all downloads will be on the Skin Database
Thanks TheOmyNomy for fixing SD scorebar.

  1. scorebar-colour, scorebar-bg: Fixed SD scorebar.
  2. ranking-graph, ranking-graph@2x: Fix ranking-graph.
  3. ranking-panel, ranking-panel@2x: Resize ranking-panel.
DL: OSK File ZIP File
  1. Change font for pause menus.
  2. Change font for back and skip.
  3. Made ranking text transparent and moved the old one into extra folder.
  4. SD version of menu-background and fail-background.
  5. Removed larger and small cursor in extra folder.
  6. Version 2.3 to future proof the skin.
  7. Changed fruits mascot to work with new update.
  8. Transparent fruit combo burst.
  9. Changed ranking panel. A bit off, but I can't fix that.
  10. Added 00 - Readme.txt to main folder.
  11. Secret.
OSK File ZIP File
  1. Redesigned menu-button-background.
  2. Redesigned menu-background to add more personality. Everything else in the skin is still pretty simple though.
  3. volume-bg-effect slightly redesigned.
  4. Ranking panel slightly redesigned. Just don't scroll down or you break it.
  5. Ranking graph is transparent.
  6. Replaced hit sounds with Redon's. Custom made sound effects are still in place but Redon's are still in extra folder.
  7. Redesigned pause buttons.
  8. Redesigned slider tick.
  9. Fixed/Redesigned Pause-overlay and fail-overlay. They was jpg for some reason.
  10. Finally skinned cursor-smoke.
DL: OSK File ZIP File
  1. Version 2.2
  2. menu-button-background is larger to fit thumbnails
  3. Changed mania score colors
  4. Changed mania score location
  5. Skinned taiko hit 300g
  6. Changed taiko hit 0 (May need to change hit100)
  7. Changed star
  8. Changed taiko slider
DL: OSK File ZIP File
Fixed Taiko drum being off.
DL: OSK File ZIP File
  1. Fixed Score/HP Bar to use the new marker. Still looks the same, just future proofing the skin.
  2. Skinned multiplayer-skip.
  3. Redesigned mania-hit. Waiting for feedback.
  4. Redesigned fruit-ryuuta. Waiting for feedback.
  5. Redesigned menu-background. I think.
  6. Redesigned menu-snow. I think.
  7. Changed mania-hit300 to display 320 score instead of 300.
  8. Changed menu-glow back to transparent.
  9. Added 4k-7k.ini
  10. Added large cursor in extra folder.
DL: OSK File ZIP File
  1. Change hitcircle to be slightly less transparent and match red sliders. Should still be a bit transparent though.
  2. Fixed ranking-winner size.
  3. Changed menu/pause/fail background, menus, star and snow to fit in better with the skin. Redesigned and recolor.
  4. Hid the gamemode icons in the background.
  5. Added Shinobu sound in extra folder.
  6. Fixed menu-button-background being too small for displaying top scores.
DL: OSK File ZIP File
  1. Fixed menu-background.
  2. Change snow icon.
  3. Fix score ticks.
  4. Replaced anime sounds.
  5. Fix hitcircleoverlay to match hitcircleoverlay@2x.
  6. Changed slider overlay to a more fitting color.
DL: OSK File ZIP File
  1. Changes all the colors to a lower color temperature.
  2. Selection icons redesigned.
  3. Taiko Mascot removed.
  4. Pass, Fail and Unranked redesigned.
  5. Removed dust.ini
  6. Changed pause and fail background.
  7. Replaced Kamui's sounds with Redon.
  8. Removed Brighter Whites folder. Doesn't fit skin anymore.
  9. Redesigned mode symbols.

The human eye. It is made of two main cells. The cone and the rod cell. The cone cell is what makes us see all the pretty colors. It is most active during the day time when we see purple, blue and green shades. The problem with this, is that it takes a lot of energy to use. This will be explained later in the thread. The rod cell helps us see light. Basically if you have a light dimmer, it helps us see in different light settings. The bad thing about the rod cell, is that these lights get processed slower in our eyes than the cone cell. However they take less energy. If you notice that you turn on the lights in a dark room, your eyes adapt very fast to the lights. However if you turn off the lights, it takes longer for your eyes to adjust to the new light settings. Within some time, you can see a table in the dark that is sitting right in front of you. This is thanks to our rod cells.

So now that we know what they are, this is how they work.

The frequency is what we are wanting to take a look at. The higher the frequency the more energy is needed to produce those colors in our brain. This is known as the visible spectrum. Since red travels the slowest, it takes less energy. You would think that since OSU can be a pretty fast game, you would want everything to be purple. That way you can detect the circles quickly. This is true, in a way. Think of it like this. If I was to toss you a balloon and a fastball. It would take more energy to catch the baseball than it would to catch the balloon. You would get the baseball faster though. However if I was to toss those items to you a thousand times, you would be more worn out after catching the baseball than the balloon. This would also cause you to start missing the baseball due to all the energy you burned. Same could be said for OSU. You could play about 10 songs with all purple, but your eyes would grow sick of it, and start making mistake. Whereas with a red theme, you could go longer. That is the focus of this skin, to allow long play time, and in the dark.

So there is another factor that goes into this skin. In the screenshots you may notice that there is blue and green. A complete red skin would be better for long game play. That would be a bit bland though. This is where light comes into play. Each color has a certain degree of light it produces.

The bar with the red and black at the very bottom is the bar that shows how much light is being added into that color. The rod cell is what produces light and not color. A low light blue or green color should have the same benefit as a high light red color. Since less light is produced faster than a lot of light. This allows the rod to finish it's job faster so the cone and begin to produce the colors. If that makes any sense. You may also hear the term, low contrast. This should be the same concept.

Some examples of what I mention above is as follows.

Pilots use red lights in their cockpit. The reason is so they can look down at the gauge and look back up into the sky while driving at night so they won't mess up their vision. Since red light are more slower to travel (uses the least energy), they can quickly look back into the night sky and adjust their eyes.
Our cars uses red brake lights for the same reason.
Police also use red lights in their cars so they can adjust their vision.

Some more reading material via Wikipedia. If anyone finds anymore, feel free to share.

Rod Cell
Cone Cell
Purkinje effect
Eye Adaptation
Scotopic Vision
Photopic Vision
Mesopic Vision
Visible Spectrum
Electromagnetic Spectrum
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New update is out. Added new sounds and changed a few things for Fluorescence.
holy sh my eyes shiOMG
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