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Hello people. I go by the username weary2007. You can call me WEARY. I'm a music producer and gamer. Osu! is the game I most often play. At school, 99% of my inner thoughts are about clicking circles and getting 95%+ accuracy on 1-3* maps. While I'm writing this, my flow aim is still horrendous and I'm trying my best to improve it.

At first I honestly didn't want to play osu!, however a few friends played it often. When I dived in to the mechanics of the game, it interested me so I started playing osu! 3 weeks ago out of curiousity. It's really fun, even if I keep failing on harder maps. My progress is pretty slow, and I'm still new around everything such as the forums, osu! terms, etc. For now, I'm just focusing on improving on osu! in general. Perhaps when I get to a decent level in playing osu!, I might spend time learning how everything else works around here.

In case you wonder what kind of beatmaps I play, I don't know what they're called. I just play beatmaps of songs I listened to in the past. (Ex: Knife Party - Bonfire)

That's about it I guess. Nice to meet you. Again, I'm still new to the forums so I don't know how this works in general.
Hey man, welcome to osu!

Just remember to take it easy yeah? Everybody has different rates of progression.

Good luck on your osu! journey :P
You use Ardour by chance? Since I'm a Linux user, it'd be only fair to guess. :P
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