[STD] Ancient Tourney [50k - 200k] [1v1] [Player regs closed/Staff regs closed]

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I want to host my first tournament, and so I need people who can help me and know about Reffing/Mappool/Stream/Commentating/Play Tester/Replayer.

You need to join the discord.

Tournament Info:
This is a 1v1 tournament with a rank range from #50k to #200k.
The Mappool will only exist out of maps from the years 2007-2012, to show people that old maps are actually fun, and not that hard to learn.


#1-#3 are getting an animated banner (if u want to add something to the prize pool, dm me on discord)


Discord | Main Sheet | Player Registration | Staff Registration

All links are also inside the #links channel in the discord.


Regs: 23 Nov - 6 Dec (23:59 utc+1)
Screening: 23 Dec - 26 Dec
Q: 6 Jan - 8 Jan
// NO RO64 bc not so many staff, and it's my 1st tournament
ro32: 13 Jan - 15 Jan
ro16: 20 Jan - 22 Jan
QF: 27 Jan - 29 Jan
SF: 3 Feb - 5 Feb
F: 10 Feb - 12 Feb
GF: 17 Feb - 19 Feb

Map Pool:


- Rank buffer of 500
- Common Rules as always: dont cheat, no deseeding, no toxic behaviour
- If a player disconnects within the first 30 seconds of any map in qualifiers, that player is eligible to redo said map at the end of the lobby. This rule also applies to major technical issues outside of the player's control.

- All players must join the Discord to be eligible for play and must change their Discord nickname to their osu! username.

- All players must treat staff and other players with respect.
Those who are abusive to staff or other players through extreme toxicity, harassment, sexism, racism, etc. will be immediately disqualified and risk getting their team disqualified by proxy.

- "Throwing" maps is egregiously disrespectful behavior that will be punished appropriately, including forfeiture of all prize pool winnings and/or an automatic loss for that match.

- Common sense shall prevail when rules do not. Tournament administration have explicit discretion to apply judgement on issues as they see fit.
Registration Phase

- Open until December 23 23:59 UTC+1. Late registrations are not permitted.
Players may register at any rank, but must be within the rank range + (rank buffer of 500) when the registration phase ends.

- If a player is screened out or fails to meet our registration prerequisites, their registration will be denied and they will be disqualified.

Qualifiers Information

Qualifiers will be played during the qualifiers weekend (see schedule).

16 players may occupy a single lobby. Players may sign up to a pre-scheduled time slot or request a custom time at least 24 hours in advance.

If a player has not played in the qualifiers by the deadline, they will be disqualified.

The top 32 qualifying players will be determined by seeding. Seeding is determined based on max%. Max% is given by providing the amount of percentage to the max score you can get.

Qualifiers Match Procedure

Each lobby will have a designated referee. Your referee will notify and invite you to the qualifier lobby approximately 5-10 minutes before the match is scheduled to begin.

The qualifiers mappool will be played in order, beginning with NM1 and ending with DT2.
In the event a player is late, the referee will wait exactly 5 minutes before force starting the lobby.

Players may join an ongoing qualifier lobby and replay missed maps at the end. Whether a player is allowed to do this is entirely up to the referee of that particular lobby.

Players that are egregiously late are expected to schedule a different time.

Split or asynchronous lobbies are not allowed under any circumstances.
There will be no warmups.
Matches are Head-to-Head.
NF is forced on all maps.

Disconnect Rules

If a player disconnects within the first 30 seconds of any map in qualifiers, that player is eligible to redo said map at the end of the lobby. This rule also applies to major technical issues outside of the player's control.

Any disconnects outside of the allotted amount will result in a score of zero points for that player unless an accumulated score is proven through some other means (liveplay) or exists on the MP link.

Bracket Stage
If a player disconnects or has a major technical issue resulting in the inability to play the map at any point within the first 45 seconds, the map will be aborted by the referee and it will be replayed once issues are resolved.

Players have 60 seconds to figure out the technical issues.

Subsequent disconnects will result in a score of zero for that player, unless an accumulated score is proven through some other means (liveplay) or exists on the MP link.

It is explicitly against tournament rules to disconnect from the lobby for any reason that is a result of poor gameplay, decision making, or any other reason that is within the player's or team's control. If a player intentionally disconnects, the round will be automatically lost.

Bracket Stage Procedure

General Rules
Matches are Team VS.
Team Red must occupy slot 1, Team Blue must occupy slot 2.
Please follow the format in the lobby name: AT: (Team Red) vs (Team Blue)
Replace Team Red/Blue with the player names

Players that are 10 minutes late will lose by default.
Players have 120 seconds between each ban and pick.
Players also have 60 additional seconds after a map is picked to ready up.

Bans are ABAB.
Split / asynchronous matches are not allowed.

At the beginning of the match, the referee will prompt both players to !roll. The winner of the first roll will decide the pick or ban order.

Rolls before the referee prompt do not count.
Teams have 60 seconds between, banning, and picking. If the timer completes and there is no decision in chat, the player will forfeit their decision and the other team will choose instead.


All matches will be played between Thursday 23:59 UTC and Sunday 23:59 UTC following the most recent mappool showcase. (if there will be a showcase)

Players must reach out to their opponent and schedule to a reasonable international time.

Players are expected to be available on weekends - if a player attempts to reschedule to a weekday and the opponent cannot make the time, their request will be denied.

If both players cannot find a time to play, the player asking for the reschedule is expected to accommodate their opponent.

Deliberately rescheduling to an egregiously unfriendly time (such as requesting an American team to play at 9UTC) is against tournament rules.

Players are expected to respond to reschedule requests within 18 hours of a request. If a player does not give any response to the request for reschedule within 18 hours, staff will intervene. A reschedule is not officially confirmed unless marked on the spreadsheet.
In the hopefully rare event that a referee is unable to host a pre-scheduled lobby, players are expected to reschedule if no other ref can take their place.


Players are allowed one warmup map each.
Warmups must be between 4.5 and 5.5 stars and must be 4min in drain time or less after mods are applied. A warmup map cannot be from the current week's pool.
Warmups may optionally be DT or HT but must be freemod.
The referee will pass host to each player, and then clear the lobby of a host.
Players do not have to play a warmup if their opponent chooses to.

Freemod Rules

Mod Multipliers:
EZ = 1.8x

A player's score as shown in the MP link is multiplied by the appropriate multiplier if they used any mod combination listed above.
NF does not count towards the total mod count.
Players must meet the following criteria in a FM pick: at least picking one mod of the avilable list (HD/HR/EZ)
So long as the above criteria are met, any combination of mods is allowed, except FL.

Referees will multiply the scores appropriately before determining who won the point if necessary.

Nice pretty unique tourney
Old maps PogChamp
Low rank/rank limited OMF Spin-off?
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marshallracer wrote:

Low rank/rank limited OMF Spin-off?
well i dont know what kind of tournament OMF was, but im making this tournament to bring people to play old maps, and that they shouldn't be ignored/.etc (basically, im an old map player, that wants people to play old maps c: )
OMF (Old Map Fantasy) was/is a open rank old map tournament with maps from 2007-2012 (most recent edition was -2013)
Boomer Cup last year basically was very similar but iirc 80k-200k

I still support old map representation and hope this tournament turns out the best it can be 👴
Omg i love this I want to play so bad
do i come down to sign up... or do i just help staff hmmmmm
waitin for players reg open
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rzuk wrote:

waitin for players reg open
it will still take a while, since yeah 1st tournament, and the guy who wants to do the mainsheet is pretty busy with multiple other tournaments, and so it will take some more days, also i kinda dont want to rush it
i wanna be the boshy
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player regs is now open
If i was in rank range i would reg sounds fun

SSilvester wrote:

If i was in rank range i would reg sounds fun
same it really does sound fun
First tournament hosting always hype, GL man! :)
her everything
the rank buffer is saving my ass
Why EZ multiplier so high
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jaredlol123 wrote:

Why EZ multiplier so high
there was a mistake, it's 1.8x (if u still considering that as to high, im currently considering to lower the multiplier even more)
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