[4K] Monoseul's modding queue (CLOSED)

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Welcome to Mono's modding queue!!!!!


Current Status: CLOSED



- ONLY 4K CHARTS! I have no experience with any other keymode. Hybrid charts with 4k diffs are okay though!

- Make sure your map is finished. If your map is finished but labeled wip, please clarify in the format that it's finished beforehand so I don't reject it immediately (or at least have one diff finished, I don't need a full set finished)!

- One request at a time.

- Kudosu is appreciated!! (just like/upvote any mod I give if you apply it) :)

- Patience. It may take awhile for me to look at your map if accepted (whether it's due to motivation or school), so please be patient!

If I don't get to your map in at least 2 weeks and you didn't get a pm you can remind me though since I likely forgot.



- No specific music preference. Feel free to send whatever!

- 2-4 diff sets.

- Drain time (length) is under 6 minutes.

- Generally don't care about sr, but would prefer under 6.5*.

- Generally don't have pattern preference but I do love dump maps!

Map is more likely to be accepted if I see any of these!


- I'm very lenient with most music, but metal/rock is a hit or miss for me.

- I'm fine with modding spreads, though would prefer modding two-three in one set at max.

- Song is over 6 minutes. I'm okay with marathon, though any longer than 7 is a bit much for me! I might not look through the whole map.

- Map is over 6.5*. My current skill in mania is around high 5* max, some low 6*. Anything above that I might not be able to properly judge. (High chance of rejection)

- TV Size maps. No problem with these, but there are a lot of them so I would prefer looking at other stuff.

- Majority LN/fully inverse chart. I am not familiar with modding charts where the concept is mostly LN yet.

- SVs. I'm not familiar with modding SVs, especially ones that require memorization. If it's a memory SV map it will very likely get rejected.

- Anything that breaks the general rules above. (Guaranteed reject)

If the map follows one of these, feel free to still give it a try! I am usually lenient so none of this is a guaranteed reject unless stated otherwise.

If you get rejected, I will contact in pm why I did. Again, do remind me if I never modded ur map in at least 2 weeks and never gave a pm!!



Artist - Title:
Map Link:
Diff(s) that you want modded:
[OPTIONAL] At least one 4k diff finished if chart is wip?:

If you've made it this far, tell me your favorite artist if you'd like. :)
Furr H

NM Request Please

Artist - Title: Miyoshi Tomoki - Main Theme
Map Link: beatmapsets/1879520#mania/3872693
Length: 2:45
Diff(s): Any
Description: Focusing in Piano and Violin sound

Thank you very much
Artist - Title: THE ORAL CIGARETTES - Lips
Map Link: beatmapsets/1822152#mania
Length: 4:40
Diff(s): no specific diffs but preferably the easier ones like easy and normal
Description: bit of repeating patterns (stream?), basically your typical theoralcigarettes mapset

i see its your first time, have fun ˸)
hello, mod request please

Artist - Title: IZ*ONE - Panorama
Map Link: beatmapsets/1864149#mania/3833631
Length: 3:40
Diff(s): anything 4K is fine, but normal still has unaddressed mod so other than normal?
Description: kpop

artist above is my favourite
thank you, have a nice day
Artist - Title: Mili - Paper Bouquet
Map Link: beatmapsets/1841442#mania/3786605
Length: 1:28
Diff(s): any diff but preferably hard/a billion flowers
Description: vocal dump
Artist - Title: Silentroom - GAMEBOY
Map Link: beatmapsets/1831633#mania/3759804
Length: 2:43
Diff(s): Any, LEVEL 2 preferred
Description: LN/Chord mapset

Artist - Title: dphdmn - back in qua
Map Link: beatmapsets/1870734#mania/3853813
Length: 1:26
Diff(s): Normal/Easy
Description: Easy and Normal difs are 50/50 LN, but maybe you'd like it
Artist - Title: Mili - Dandelion Girls, Dandelion Boys
Map Link: beatmapsets/1873329#mania/3854750
Length: 2:44
Diff(s): Pierced Dreams or Kibitz’s Normal
Description: LN map with a couple light streams

My favourite artist is Mili <3
Noch Einen
Nomophobic :3c

Artist - Title: Luxiem - Hope in the dark
Map Link: s/1858264
Length: 3 min
Diff(s): Hyper
Description: Mixed mini dump, not entirely LN, vocal based (mostly)

Mostly looking for "how to improve my dump" due im not satisfied with my dump

Favorite artist im unsure, none has struck me yet to be favorite, but i do like Noah more (to map)
Toby Fox - Beginning
Any Diff u want
Top Diff is Dump Minijack.
Topic Starter
Went through all the requests above <3 Thanks everyone.
Artist - Title: Kurokotei - Into the Void
Map Link: beatmapsets/1866268#mania/3838866
Length: 4:08
Diff(s): Expert
Description: Lot of LN, my first map, and trying to get it ranked :D
hi (ouo)/

Artist - Title: Bai Sha JAWS - Dive Back In Time (TV Size)
Map Link: beatmapsets/1577922#mania/3222081
Length: 0:57
Diff(s): feel free to do any, but i prefer top diff (rewind)
Description: LN-focused map with lots of weird snaps

i have a ton of favourite artists... but right now i'm listening to syudou a lot

thank you!
Aloo ^^

Artist - Title: Afillia Saga - S.M.L (TV Size)
Map Link: beatmapsets/1877657#mania/3864889
Length: 1:27
Diff(s): E N H H I
Description: Each Difficulty Has Their Unique Own Pattern That Focus Following Each Sound

Thx U UwU
Artist - Title: Kobaryo - Villain Virus
Map Link: beatmapsets/1812719#mania/3718548
Length: 4:25
Diff(s): There exists only one (destroyed)
Description: The main focus is primarily shifted toward drums and melody, so there is a balance between the two.

I have no particular artist that I uniquely favor as many people produce a diversity of songs that land differently on my subjective tastes.

Either way, thanks in advance!

Artist - Title: MYUKKE. - ROAD to 773H
Map Link: beatmapsets/1327031#mania/2749245
Length: 1:57
Diff(s): 773H
Description: It's like a basic ranked map. if I must say jack. and, a little SV.

Thank you!!
hello owo//

Artist - Title: Tomatsu Haruka - Resolution (TV Size)
Map Link: beatmapsets/1690140#mania/3453905
Length: 1:28
Diff(s): ENHI
Description: simple anime map

Thanks owo
Hi there

want to req a NM mod here

Artist - Title: HoneyComeBear - Wasurekaze
Map Link: beatmapsets/1853080#mania/3807564
Length: 3.57
Diff(s): single diff
Description: hybrid map, Hitsound is on progress.

Thanks >.'
Artist - Title: Arlington - Idk Whatz Real
Map Link: beatmapsets/1880878#mania/3872175
Length: 1:55
Diff(s): Jack Reality (the rest is just rates)
Description: Just a simple jack map with some streams between the jacks the map is complete i just need feedback with it
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