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This is sick! Excited about the squads thing as well, will it be rank controlled or completely random?
wow this is simply awesome
Big Lechon
Stoked on this event. Hope it all goes well.
не ну топ а чо меня нету в списке? я же топ 1 мира вы чего?!?!?! забыли про меня
... ну бывает понемаю стисняитес самной за говарит эх....
I needed this I'm ass at the game and I need to improve
Nice sounds really cool
time to improve
This looks like it will be fun, I have been slowing down a bit on improvement so I look forward to this.
Toilet Drinker
totally tubular
play astrosexy for 4x effects in improvement

Aranel wrote:

play astrosexy for 4x effects in improvement
he was so real for this

Friendly Spy wrote:

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bad boy

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Join us October 1 - 31, 2022 for the latest osu! Improvement Month,
an event to bring the community together on our journey to greatness.
Brought to you by osu! University.

Here's a brief overview of all the events you can expect throughout the month of October:

  1. Top player interviews
  2. Discord channels for skills you want to learn
  3. Randomized squads of 8 to compete and improve with
  4. King of the Hill tournament
  5. Keypad giveaways
  6. Discounted osu! coaching
  7. osu! matchmaking ㅡ solo & duo queue ladders
  8. An active, thriving community!

Reminiscent of HappyStick's Improvement Month in 2017, this event will feature interviews with all your favorite top players!

Current list of interviewees:
  1. Utami #5
  2. WhiteCat #6
  3. RyuK #9
  4. Dereban #27
  5. Reused #32
  6. Rektygon #37
  7. xootynator #43
  8. Sytho #56
  9. im a fancy lad #60
  10. Zylice #66
  11. khz #68
  12. jordanlr7 #92
  13. fieryrage #114
  14. Gurbzy #120
  15. bloo #122
  16. Swiq_ #130
  17. zonelouise #132
  18. Jakson #137
  19. Riot #146
  20. BoshyMan741 #170
  21. razorfruit #188
  22. Decaten #191
  23. kablaze #196
  24. Jordan The Bear #220
  25. Cracento #260
  26. Fangzy #374
  27. Monk The Don #405
  28. alden #456
  29. Arbusion #474
  30. taro #505
  31. Kariyu #661
  32. -Masta- #992
  33. Shikke #1220
  34. Willy #1429
  35. Aery #31692
The questions asked during the interviews will all be sent in by you all! During each interview, the interviewee will go through the list of all questions and answer or discuss any that seem interesting or relevant to them.

Submit your interview questions here!

When submitting a question, you can request for a specific person to answer that question during their interview.
The schedules for each week of interviews will be announced in the osu! University Discord server.
In case you miss them, you can find the recordings of all interviews over on the osu! University YouTube channel.

As the core feature of this event, the osu! University Discord server will feature text channels (called "gangs") for skills you want to learn! These act as a place for you to connect with other players who are also focused on improving that skill. Ask questions, share tips and maps, arrange multi lobbies, and make new friends!

List of text channels:
  1. #aim-gang
  2. #stream-gang
  3. #alt-gang
  4. #tech-gang
  5. #speed-gang
  6. #rhythm-gang
  7. #low-ar-gang
  8. #precision-gang
  9. #acc-gang
  10. #taiko-gang
  11. #catch-gang
  12. #mania-gang
To gain access to a channel, you will need to give yourself that channel's role in #roles towards the top of the server.

You are allowed to join as many channels as you'd like!

In addition to the gang channels, osu! University has a Discord forum where you can ask any type of question you'd like (the forums will stick around even after the event ends!).

As the cherry on top of the gang channels, you can opt into being assigned to a random group of 8 players (called "squads") to join you on your journey through Improvement Month. Squads are intended to provide a smaller group of people for you to collaborate, compete, and improve with! Each squad will be given a Discord text thread in the osu! University Discord server.

Squad assignment will be completely random among the people who opt in.
They will not be balanced by rank, country, skillset, or anything else.
You can opt yourself into the Squads program here.

Squads will start being assigned before the event begins. If you miss the start of the event, don't worry! You can still opt in at any point throughout the month, and new squads will be made periodically as new players opt in.

Throughout the month, join us on weekends for a King of the Hill tournament, open to all ranks!

In a nutshell, how it will work is that two players will play a 1v1 with Best of 3 (first to 2 points). The winner stays in the lobby, and the loser is eliminated from the tournament. If you win four 1v1s in a row, you advance to the next stage of the tournament and join us again the following weekend. There will be no mappool ㅡ players can pick any Ranked, Loved, or Qualified map they would like (as long as it's under 5:30 length and 8.25 stars).

Find more information and sign up for the tournament on the official forum post here.
Registration is open now and will close on Thursday, October 5, 2022.

What event would be complete without giveaways?

Throughout the event, there will be a progress log form for you to let us know how you're doing. Anyone who logs at least 10 sessions throughout the month will be entered into a raffle to win one of 20 osu! keypads! Sessions must be logged within 4 days of that session occurring, and all sessions must be logged by November 3, 2022 at 23:59 UTC.

The progress report form will be linked in the osu! University Discord server when the event begins.

There will be a main text channel (#improvement-month) where a bot will announce when someone has successfully reported progress for a day. This way, you can check to see if your progress logs have gone through! Scores that are shared through the progress log may be randomly selected to be showcased in the #score-showcase channel.

One of the best ways to test yourself as a player is to pit yourself against others in a tournament match.

Along with the King of the Hill tournament, osu! matchmaking is the place to go for playing matches on your own schedule. osu! matchmaking offers ranked solo and duo queues using an in-game osu! bot, so you can compete on your own schedule. Climb the ladder and see how far you can push your skills! osu! matchmaking will continue even after Improvement Month ends, so don't worry about losing your progress.

For more information on osu! matchmaking, check out the official website and join the osu! matchmaking Discord server.

Along with many other events, interviews, and a thriving community,
osu! University is the central hub for all professional osu! coaches.

If you would like to be worked with 1-on-1 with an experienced top player, coaching is the best way to receive personalized guidance on what to focus on from a player who was once in your shoes.

As a part of osu! Improvement Month, all osu! coaches will be offering 25% off all their coaching services. You can find more information and the list of current coaches in the #coaching-info channel of osu! University.

We hope you're as excited as we are for this jam-packed event!
Join the osu! University Discord server to get involved,
and follow us on Twitch to watch all the interviews and events live.
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