Storm Lee- Comin' Up for Air

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Storm Lee - Comin' Up For Air

My second one, and it's a bit more organized. I made sure this time that the offset was properly set up throughout the song, and made better use of whistles and finishes.
link not working
The file hasn't been uploaded, which is why the link doesn't work. Behonkiss, can you try uploading again?
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Updated link until the uploader is fixed:

EDIT by eyup: Link has been fixed (see first post).
megaupload sucks :( can't dl
This one didn't look tough, but it was... I think it was probably to do with the fact that the notes are all linked with the lyrics, and I didn't know the lyrics :)

Really nice map - the hard work and effort that has gone into this definitely shows! Good variation of hits, sliders, spinners, finishes and whistles. I think it's a good lesson for other beatmappers out there who want to do a long-ish (~3min) song without putting in a break - do what Behonkiss has done here and use some long, slow sliders!

Looking forward to your next one :D
I'm with eyup on this one, doesn't seem that hard, but not knowing the song can really screw you over :lol:

Nice beatmap though, layout was pretty consistent, and it all just matched the song well.
Great work - very synced to the lyrics, was tricky but its quite a nice song.
Already great feedback from the other mods!
Will add this beatmap to the official list now.
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