[REG CLOSED] [std] Mysterious Maps Tournament 3 [2v2, #1k-inf., BWS]

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Main info

  1. 2v2 tournament - team size of 2-3 players.
  2. Double Elimination (Bracket reset), International.
  3. All maps will be played with ScoreV2 and NoFail.
  4. This tournament will use a specific pick-rule:
    You can't pick a specific map, only the mod-section (NM instead of NM4 as example)
  5. Rank range [1k - inf] including BWS.
  6. We'll use a bit modified BWS formula, which will increase your rank more than usual.
    BWS rank = rank^(0.99^(badges*(badges+2)/2))


  7. You must sign up using this form.
  8. All players of a team must be present in the Discord server for the entirety of their tournament run.
  9. All players must be within the rank range until signups close. There is NO rank buffer.
  1. Staff members (except for streamers and commentators and GFX) are not allowed to participate.
  1. We may reject any registrations (i.e. suspicious profile) if deemed necessary.

Qualifier Procedure
  1. The referee will create the lobby ~10 minutes before the starting time, ping the team captain in the Discord server and send out the invites shortly after. (if you did not receive an invite, please let the referee know through either Discord or osu! pm)
  2. You have 5 minutes to join the lobby. If you fail to join in time, you can reschedule for a different, already existing lobby.
  3. Unlike the default qualifiers rules, here all maps will be picked randomly for each lobby (means referee will !roll for every next map). There will be one playthrough of the pool. Each team must have two players present on every map. Teams are allowed to switch players inbetween maps.
  4. If there is a disconnect, the player(s) that disconnected will be allowed to replay the map at the end of the lobby.
Bracket Stage Procedure
  1. The referee will create the lobby ~10 minutes before the starting time, ping the team captain in the Discord server and send out the invites shortly after. (if you did not receive the invite, please let the referee know through either Discord or osu! pm). If the ref is not present 5mins after the allocated time, please ping @ref in the Discord.
  1. You have 10 minutes to join the lobby. If you don't manage to join in time, the match will be counted as a win for your opponent. If a team does not have at least two players present after 10mins, the other team will win the match by default.
  1. If neither of the teams show up, they will be able to reschedule to a different time. If no suitable time can be found, the team with the higher qualifier seeding will be given the advantage.
  2. In case of a disconnect, a team will be able to replay the map if the disconnect happened within the first 45 seconds of the map.
A team is only allowed to replay one map during the whole match, any additional disconnects will not be taken into consideration and the opponent will get the point
  1. If you disconnect, but we don’t hear from you within the next 5 minutes (either re-joining, a message in Discord,..), you will automatically forfeit the match.
  2. You may select a warmup; the max. length is 4 minutes.
  1. Both team captains will be asked to roll. Whoever rolls higher will be given the choice of first pick/second ban or second pick/first ban.
  1. You can use HD/HR/EZ/FL for TB if you want so.
  1. You may not pick or ban two maps from the same mod pool in a row.
Scheduling Rules

  • For qualifiers:
  1. Please claim a lobby using the pinned format in the Discord server in the #scheduling - channel. If you wish to switch your qualifiers lobby, please use the correct pinned format and post it in the same channel.
  2. If you don't show up to your qualifiers lobby, you may play in any other lobby if there is still free space. Please let the hosts know what lobby you will play in, in case you missed your original one. If it is really short notice until the next lobby, please let the referee know so you get an invite.
  3. If you don't show up to any qualifiers lobby, you will not pass. If you can't make any of the lobbies, you may request a custom time for your lobby (subject to final confirmation from Host/Referee).

    For bracket stages:
  4. If the assigned time does not work with your schedule/you don't like it, please reschedule your match using the format from the pinned message.
  5. Reschedules will be accepted until 12hrs before the original time of the match, and only if you reschedule to a later time. If you reschedule to an earlier time, reschedules will only be accepted until 12hrs before the new time of the match.
  6. If you post a reschedule later than 12hrs before the original/new time, acceptance is subject to final confirmation from Hosts/Referees. If no referee can be found for that time, we may decline the reschedule and your match will be played at the original time (you may try and reschedule to a different time).
  7. For potential matches: basically the same rules as for normal bracket stage matches apply, but please keep in mind that you would have to play two matches that weekend. If your first match is on Sat 20UTC, you obviously can not reschedule your potential match/es to a time before that. If you try anyways, the reschedule will obviously not be accepted. There are NO exceptions to any potential match being played before the first match.
  8. Any reschedules sent either through DMs, in a different channel, etc. will not be taken into consideration.
  9. Any reschedules that don't at least vaguely follow the format will not be accepted. (If your reschedule post is insufficient, we will let you know and give you a chance to fix it)
avg. Star rating & Mappool sizes
Difficulty Spread:
QUAL: 6.5*
RO64: 6.0*
RO32: 6.2*
RO16: 6.4*
QF: 6.7*
SF: 6.9*
F: 7.1*
GF: 7.3*

Mappool Sizes:
QUAL: 3/3/3/3
RO32: 3/3/3/3/1, BO9 - 1 Ban
RO16: 3/3/3/3/1, BO9 - 1 Ban
QF: 4/4/4/4/1, BO11 - 2 Bans
SF: 4/4/4/4/1, BO11 - 2 Bans
F: 5/5/5/5/1, BO13 - 2 Bans
GF: 5/5/5/5/1, BO13 - 2 Bans

Aug 12 - Sep 04 Player Signups
Sep 05 - Sep 18 Screening
Sep 23 - Sep 25 Qualifiers
(Sep 30 - Oct 03 RO64)
Oct 08 - Oct 10 RO32
Oct 15 - Oct 17 RO16
Oct 22 - Oct 24 Quarterfinals
Oct 29 - Oct 31 Semifinals
Nov 05 - Nov 07 Finals
Nov 12 - Nov 14 Grand Finals

The schedule might be pushed back one week if screening results dont come in time

First Place

Profile badge (pending) + profile banner

Second Place

Profile banner

Third Place

Profile banner

If you would like to contribute to the prize pool, please contact Alvearia (Alvearia#2849) on Discord.

Hosts: Alvearia , real cute
Spreadsheeter: RussianVaxei
Graphics: ffumiyomi
Mappools: Alvearia , Haruki
Playtester: Tutka
Streamers: Anjok , Hoaq , Marzale
Commentators: qqseekq
Referee: Aidown , real cute , Tutka , Anjok , SSScotty , Pa t r i c k
If you'd like to be in staff, use this form to sign up (we really need more refs and streamers :))

Anything that is considered offensive will be reported to the official tournament moderation team under the link:
bad poolers

-Haruki wrote:

bad poolers
i agree
i agree
Good tournament, go play!
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