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Current Priority: +0
I've seen much too many wonderful, wonderful SBs that contain a single short strobe effect somewhere in it. Due to the binary nature of the storyboard enable/disable switch, this makes the entire storyboard unviewable for epileptic users. That's hardly fair, considering how beautiful these SBs are.

I was thinking about a sixth storyboard layer for strobe effects, so you could disable only the flashing lights while keeping the rest of the storyboard intact.
Support!~ But I dont have a vote ;u;

It's great to remove the strobing effect from the other layers so that epileptic users can still enjoy the storyboard!~
The problem is that there are already maps with the strobe effect, not put into that extra layer. What are you going to do about those? You can't expect to go in and change all of those maps manually, because that would be extremely inefficient.

Great idea in theory, too late in execution.
not very pratical they could however delete the strobe asset of the storyboard in the folder, this will not effect rankings at all. It's a better option since like above, what about the other maps, and what happens if they don't use it. Also having an option to disable only one layer of a storyboard would cause problems for some users. Just deleting the strobe asset is fine.
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