[Mapping Contest] osu!taiko Featured Artist Cup: 2nd Edition (Results Out!)

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Everything in this post is subject to change, all updates will be posted in the Discord server!

Welcome to the 2nd edition of the osu!taiko Featured Artist Cup!

Contestants are simply asked to map a song from a specific list of 44 osu! Featured Artists, but, this time there's a catch:
You have to submit 2 difficulties, the main difficulty that will be judged + a Muzukashii difficulty!

Yes, we're aware that muzukashiis are tricky to map, hence why we're using them as a judging element for this edition! After all, the true best mappers are the ones most proficient at mapping all kinds of difficulties.

1st Place: KyeX
2nd Place: woosungko
3rd Place: duski

- The contest will consist of one round where contestants will submit a mapset of any licensed song they choose from the list of Featured Artists below.

- Songs must not exceed 4:30 minutes of length.
We're going to have a bit of leeway in cases where the song is really close to the 4:30 mark.

- Your map must be an osu!taiko map.

- Your mapset MUST include TWO difficulties: the top difficulty + a Muzukashii difficulty.
Any entry that is missing a difficulty will be disqualified.

- All submissions must be rankable.
No mapset submitted must be intentionally unrankable. Mistakes happen and points will be deducted for them, but this is a regular mapping contest, not aspire.
(You're allowed to ignore spread rules for the sake of this contest.)

- Maps must NOT be uploaded / shared with others before judging and results are announced.
Sharing your entry publicly by any means before the results are announced will get your entry disqualified, no questions asked.

- Submissions will not be accepted after the deadlines.
No exceptions.

Please make sure that your song choice is available in this page prior to mapping!
Open this
Below is a list of all FAs released from the start of 2022 until June 4th:
- Haywyre
- Satella
- Vansire
- Boom Kitty
- Annabel
- Maduk
- bill wurtz
- Atavistia
- MisoilePunch
- Good Kid
- Riya
- Rabbit House
- MisomyL
- Yunosuke
- City Girl
- EmoCosine
- Raimukun
- Plum
- luvlxckdown
- Never Say Die Records
- my sound life
- Stonebank
- Archspire
- in love with a ghost
- Mage
- Aethral
- Nile
- Mitsuki / RINYA
- Ardolf
- Allegaeon
- Tenchio
- Neko Hacker
- 69 de 74
- Origami Angel
- Rameses B
- Ponchi
- Hino Isuka

- Beatmapping Phase: Jun 5th -> Jun 26th 00:00 UTC+0 (3 weeks for the lazy)
- Judging Phase: Jun 26th -> July 24th
- Results: July 25th

Times can be subject to change depending on the circumstances, all schedule updates will be posted on the server.

This criteria is for judging the top difficulty unless stated otherwise.

- Judge's Impression: 5 Points
Points will be assigned based on what the judge thinks about your map.

- Ranking Criteria: 5 Points
Points will be assigned based on how well the map abides by the Ranking Criteria. (This includes both difficulties)

- Structure: 10 Points
Points will be assigned based on how well the map is internally designed (consistency, concept introduction, etc.).

- Relevance: 10 Points
Points will be assigned based on how well the map represents the song and how well it plays.

- Creativity: 10 Points
Points will be assigned based on how the submission uses creative and fitting elements to make itself stand out.

- Muzukashii Score: 10 Points
Points will be assigned based on how well the Muzukashii difficulty is mapped based on structure, relevance, and creativity.

In order to submit an entry for this contest, you have to submit it through the Mappers' Guild Contest Listing, and join the Discord server, then you'll be assigned a participant role there.
(Contact Hivie if you want to revoke your submission.)

1st Place: 4 months of osu!supporter + Ranked Status* + Profile badge

2nd Place: 3 months of osu!supporter + Ranked Status*
3rd Place: 1 month of osu!supporter + Ranked Status*

*: 2 Beatmap Nominators from the contest staff team (either Axer, Greenshell, Hivie, or Nifty) will check and push the map to ranked if the mapper wants to, and if they get the necessary diffs to form a rankable spread when needed.

Massive thanks to Axer and cdh for helping out with the osu!supporter rewards!


- Host: Hivie

- Designer: [Zeth]

- Judges: Axer, Greenshell, Nifty, netherlands Boaz
Jason X
This will be interessting
hmmmmmmmmmmmm ilwag i see
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massive congratulations to KyeX for winning the 2nd edition of the contest!
congrats to woosungko and duski for scoring 2nd and 3rd place respectively!
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