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M2U - The Queen by c36098651
125 BPM, 2:28 | 4.59★

Captain's description (by -NoName-):
It's been years since we've seen something from c36098651 go up for voting, but now is the time. We introduce his chart of M2U's The Queen for voting!

This chart is another look at the older style of LN mapping from back in the day. A lot of the patterning (particularly towards the beginning) is deceptively tricky with staggered release timings. However, because of this, this chart is good to practice these staggered releases without too much else going on. For anyone approaching medium-level proficiency in LNs, this chart is for you.

If you like what you see here, don't forget to try c36098651's other charts too! A lot of his charts go underappreciated. Remember to cast your vote for The Queen!

Please use this thread to discuss why you believe this map should or should not enter the Loved category!
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This map passed the voting! It will be moved to Loved soon.
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