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hello everyone! i just wanna let you know that i have a problem rn, so unfortunately i was playing osu mania last night ( i am actually a 4k player and working on 6k ) i was playing happily and got bored so i go to bed and sleep, in the next morning i wanted to play osu, so i did open my pc and ran osu, about that i was about to play 242bpm osu mania beatmaps when i suddenly notice one of my keybinds wont work at all,the letter "m" wont work, my keybinds is actually
(xc nm) and you were wondering what if i go change my keybinds and my answer is no, bc i dont wanna break another letter, i am actually using a mechanical keyboard i just bought this 4 weeks ago and its impossible that it wont work anymore, i did try removing the keycaps and putting it back it is still yet the same, i did try playing funky friday on roblox to test if its on osu only, and its the same! my "m" keybind wont work
so please guyss :((( i need helpp

if you have the same issue like me and can actually fix it please just let me know

even when im typing rn im struggling to type m when i am abt to type something that m is included in a sentence

thats all :(( byeee
your keyboard is prob dying
I mean you could try seeing if something got in the switch/actuator or do a proper cleaning of the keyboard and see if that helps

If not might be worth to get a new keyboard or to change your keybinds if you arent able to get a new keyboard.
buy some mechanical switchs and replace the dead key, it will probably be much cheaper than buying a whole nother keyboard, plus if more keys die you can just replace them again.
Leon Brigido
if it is the same in all the games, it is clear that it is the keyboard
poor keyboard :(
i got the same issue with my keyboard too but this time it wasn't the keys that didn't work, but the keys that were breaking from the inside. basically, it just means that it's more harder to press on the keys that have already been broken but it always worked. gonna throw this membrane keyboard to buy a fresh new mechanical keyboard for osu!

honestly for your problem i think you could fix it by simply putting some mechanical switches (Cherry MX, etc...) for your keyboard. it's not as expensive as rebuying another mechanical keyboard so yeah you can try this
Talking about changing mechanical switches: Mechanical switches are generally soldered onto a keyboard. There are designs that gives sockets to mechanical switches, but this is relatively uncommon. You may need to buy in addition a soldering iron, something that would cost you about 15 USD, and you may have to spend some time in learning to use it.
Honestly if more keys start breaking it's probably worth it to invest in a better keyboard.
So your "M" letter doesn't work in Osu or it's died. If it's the first one I don't know how to help with it but maybe you can think about changing your key binds
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