Regs Closed | [#1-#5000] 🎉 [2V2 STD] 🎉 SPONSORED BY MOMOKAI 🎉 BubblyQT osu! Party 3🎉

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  1. This is a 2v2 • osu!standard tournament
  2. Minimum number of players per team is 2, with a maximum of 4
  3. Matches will be Team Vs and use ScoreV2
  4. Rank range for the tournament: #1-#5000 (Must be in rank range by the end of registrations) We will make an announcement, when you can rank out of rank range. We will be using the BWS System, click here to check if you're eligible.
  5. Players are required to be in the discord for the duration of the tournament until their team is completely eliminated.
  6. This tournament will have QualifiersRO32 (1 Ban) (Double Elimation)RO16 (1 Ban)Quarterfinals (2 Bans) • Semifinals (2 Bans) • Finals (2 Bans) • Grand Finals (2 Bans)
  7. There will be a bracket reset in the Grand Finals if necessary
  8. RO32 & RO16 are Best of 9 ➔ Quarterfinals & Semifinals are Best of 11 ➔ Finals & Grand Finals are Best of 13
  9. Semifinals, Finals, and Grand Finals will be streamed. Other matches will TBD depending on the streamers' availability.
  10. All times are in UTC. Find your own time zone here if you're unsure what UTC you're in.
  11. BOP Admins, Referees, Mappool Team, and Sheeter are NOT allowed to play in the tournament, however Streamers & Commentators are allowed to play.

🥇 FIRST PLACE TEAM - 6 month osu! supporter + banner + pending badge + momokai simpad
🥈 SECOND PLACE TEAM - 4 month osu! supporter + banner
🥉 THIRD PLACE TEAM - 2 month osu! supporter + banner

If you would like to donate and support BubblyQT osu! Party, you can do it here!

Team Registration: April 16 - May 1
Screening: May 1 - May 15
Qualifiers Mappool Showcase May 7th
Qualifiers: May 14 -15 & May 21-25
RO32: May 28 - May 29
RO16: June 4 - June 5
Quarterfinals: June 11 - June 12
Semifinals: June 18 - June 19
Finals: June 25 - June 26
Grand Finals: July 2 - July 3
  1. Qualifiers will be played to determine who QUALIFIES (TOP 32) as well as TEAM SEEDING
  2. Every team must have AT LEAST 2 members present to their qualifier session to be eligible. If you have a 3rd/4th player in your team, they may sub in for the map they're playing for.
  3. Set Times for Qualifier Lobbies will be shown on Mainsheet. Each team may only REGISTER for ONE LOBBY.
  4. If you miss your scheduled lobby, you may choose a different lobby as long as there is still space.
  5. If your team CANNOT meet at any of the scheduled times, please DM/Ping @Admin to arrange a custom lobby, however this cannot be guaranteed based on the schedules of staff.
  1. Matches are made approximately 5-10 MINUTES before the matches are scheduled to start.
  2. (Team 1) vs (Team 2) = Team 1 must be in Slot 1-2 (Red Team Color) | Team 2 must be in Slot 3-4 (Blue Team Color)
  3. If there are less than 2 players from either team WITHIN THE LOBBY, there is a 15 minute grace period provided to allow them to join. 10 Minute Mark - Lose All Bans, 15 Minute Mark - FF. The team with the most players within the lobby by the 15 minute mark will win by default. If both teams have only one player present on each side and both of their 2nd teammate doesn't show up by the 10 minute grace period, it'll be FF on both sides.
  4. Each team is allowed to choose up to 1 warmup map. This map does not EXCEED 4:00 MINUTES LONG and NOT A MAP FROM THE MAPPOOL . The warmup map will be played with the FREEMODS ON.
  5. Each team will !roll after warmups for the banning and picking phase. The winner of the roll will get to choose pick order/ban order. The loser of the roll will get to choose between the unchosen options.
  6. Each team will be allowed 60 seconds to ban their map. When 2 bans are enabled, teams are NOT allowed to ban from the same mod (NM is the exception). For example, Team 1 can't ban both HD1 and HD2 during their banning phase. (Ban Format: ABBA)
  7. Picks will happen in alternating order after the previous map is finished. Each team has 120 seconds to pick their map. If a map is not picked by 120 seconds, the pick will go to the other team. Double picking is NOT ALLOWED in this tournament, except for NoMods.
  8. A map will be aborted if a player disconnects within the first 30 seconds of the map. If there is a disconnect and the map is not aborted, the score for that player will be counted as 0 UNLESS a score is provided. AN ABORT IS ALLOWED ONCE PER TEAM, PER MATCH.
  9. NoFail will be enforced on every map.
  10. Freemod rules : At least two people needs a mod, one with HD/EZ/HDEZ and another with HR/HDHR. EZ (1.8x multiplier)
  11. NoFail is allowed on the tiebreaker, along with HD, HR, and EZ (1.8x multiplier). Players are not required to take any mods on the tiebreaker.
wow first
Let's gooooooo
- Izayoi -
Damn nice
WEEEEEEE excitement c:
This is so cool that I think that I’m going to say “this is so cool”
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- Izayoi - wrote:

Damn nice
Hehe thank you! This season is definitely going to be exciting :D
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Luxariah wrote:

Let's gooooooo
I’m super excited especially when momokai is sponsoring first place winners with keypads c: ❤️
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