How do you add hitsounds?

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I've read this: wiki/en/Guides/Using_custom_hitsounds and I still don't get how you add them into your map (I'm dum), I get the other parts, just how do I add the custom hitsounds to the map tho? Also, can I just take hitsounds from a song or skin or do I need permission? kinda don't prefer the default hitsounds.
summer dubx
if you, let's say wanna change the hitnormal of the soft sampleset, then put the audio file in the map's folder, change the the name of the file to soft-hitnormal{number}, if you named the file soft-hitnormal (with no number) then osu will think the file is soft custom 1, (you can not change the default option (the one which use no number))

i hope my explanation doesn't sounds confusing ;_;
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