[Osu!Mania] if you use different rhythmic dividers, can you have a sorted map?

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Hello, I decided to make this post because I want to improve as a mapper and well I decided to see classified maps and I saw that many use different rhythmic dividers to make their map, I saw this more in complicated difficulties. If you can explain me I would appreciate it
the beatsnap divisor is based on how many sounds are between each beat of the music (subdivisions).

different songs use different snaps, some use multiple. most music just uses either 1/4 or 1/3 (or their subdivisions 1/8 and 1/6) with 1/4 being the overwhelming majority.

So its entirely dependent on the song they chose. mania mappers just happen to pick songs with polyrhythms and/or multiple kinds of rare subdivisions pretty often as they can make interesting charts.

I assume by sorted map you mean ranked? if so as long as the music actually uses the subdivisions you chose, or you can give a good enough explanation as to why you use a differing snap (unlikely most of the time though) it can and has been ranked.
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