[STD] (Regs Closed!) Hitomi's Trifecta Tournament [#1 - #50k]

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Hitomi's Trifecta Tournament is a 4v4 (Teams of 6) international "open rank" tournament based around the three main skillsets of osu! Standard: Aim, Mechanics, and Technical skillsets. Players will form teams that they feel cover a wide variety of these skillsets and compete in a Ro32 Double Elimination bracket to determine the best all rounder players!

The following is an abridged version of the Rules Doc:

General Rules
  1. All players are expected to follow the osu! Community Guidelines.
  2. Any harassment will not be tolerated and punished severely.
  3. Disrespect towards staff of any kind will result in an immediate removal from the tournament.
  4. By signing up for this tournament, you’re agreeing to follow these rules. If you do not, actions will be taken as deemed necessary.
  5. Teams must be signed up by March 13th at 23:59 UTC to be allowed to participate.
  6. BWS (Badge Weighted System) will be used for this tournament using this formula:

    BWS Rank = rank^(0.9937^(badges^2))
  7. All players must be within the rank range of #1 to #50,000 BWS. Anyone outside this range by the end of registrations will be removed.
  8. Players who are screened out by osu! Support will not be allowed to play and will be removed from their respective teams.
  1. Teams who wish to participate in the bracket stages must play in a qualifier lobby by Monday April 4th at 8:00 UTC. No extra lobbies will be allowed past this time.
  2. The qualifiers mappool will be played in order from Q1 -> Q8.
  3. Teams are only allowed to play the qualifiers mappool once.
  4. Seedings will be based on a Z-Sum formula.
  5. The top 32 teams will qualify and move on to the bracket stage. This will NOT change even if there’s enough teams for a Ro64 bracket.
Bracket Stage and Match Procedure
  1. The following are the formats for each Stage
    1. Stage 1 - Round of 32 and Round of 16 -> Bo9, 14 Maps
    2. Stage 2 - Quarterfinals and Semifinals -> Bo11, 18 Maps
    3. Stage 3 - Finals and Grand Finals -> Bo13, 18 Maps
  2. Each match will be assigned a time based on the teams’ availability.
  3. Both teams are expected to show up on time but there will be a 10 minute grace period.
  4. There will be no warmups allowed in the lobby before the start of the match.
  5. At the start of each match, the captains will PM the ref in-game which pool they’d like to ban.
  6. If both teams ban the same pool, the ref will "!roll 2" to determine which pool will be played.
  7. The captains of each team will then enter “!roll” into the multiplayer chat.
  8. The team with the highest roll will choose which team strikes first.
  9. Teams will then take turns striking maps from the strike pool.
  10. Teams will strike maps until there is only one map remaining. That map will be the first map played.
  11. After the first map is played teams may choose any map from either the Strike or Counter pools.
  12. The pick order will be ABAB… where A is the team who struck first.
  13. The first team to win the desired amount of maps first will win the match.
  14. Matches will go to tiebreakers if both teams are 1 point away from winning.
  15. Teams must win 2 TB maps in order to win the match.
  16. EZ has a 1.75x multiplier!
Appended on 4/16 after match 18
Timers for striking will be 60 seconds
If a team waits out this timer they will forfeit their strike to the other team (strike order will stay the same) effectively giving that team 2 strikes in a row.
Timers for picking/readying will be 90 seconds
If a team waits out this timer they will forfeit their pick to the other team (pick order will stay the same) effectively giving that team 2 picks in a row.
If a team doesn’t have enough players by the end of the timer (and the ref isn’t alerted about any bancho/connection issues) the point will be lost and the next pick will be resumed.
If there are too many players in the lobby the ref will forcibly kick anyone not in the correct slot and start the map.

If a player disconnects mid map before 30 seconds and the ref is alerted, the map will be aborted and played again. This may happen once per match per team.
Otherwise, no scores will be counted for said player(s)

Mappool Structures
  1. The mappools used for this tournament are called Strike Pools.
  2. Some notable tournaments that have used these pools in the past are the Cobalt Bag Tournament and DrenchedProgram.
  3. Strike pools consist of a Strike and Counter pool.
  4. We’ve also added a TB pool to each strike pool. Matches that go to TB will be Bo3.
  5. There will always be an odd amount of maps in the Strike pool and that number +1 in the Counter pool
  6. The TB pool will always have 3 maps, some of which may have a forced mod.
  7. For each Stage there will be a set of 3 Strike Pools each focusing on 3 main skillsets:
    1. Aim
    2. Mechanics
    3. Technical (reading and control)
  8. Every map in each pool will have an assigned mod or mod combo.
  9. These include NM, HD, HR, DT, FL, EZ, HT, and any possible combination of these. (Note: do not expect to see every mod in this tournament)
  10. FM (Freemod) and FCM (Forcemod) will allow teams to choose which mods they’d like to use.
  11. FM: at least one player per team must take at least one mod. (any mod will do)
  12. FCM: all players on a team must take a mod with at least 1 HD and 1 HR. (HDHR counts as HR only)
  13. FM and FCM may be combined with any of the base mods listed above.
  14. FM rules do not apply to picks that have FM in conjunction with another mod (i.e. HDFM, DTFM).

Notable Dates
  1. End of Registrations -> March 13th at 23:59 UTC
  2. Last day of Qualifiers -> April 4th at 8:00 UTC
  3. Grand Finals Weekend -> May 12th - May 16th

There might be some supporter but don't count on it lmao

First Place:
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Second Place:
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Third Place:
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Host: HitomiChan_
GFX: Daitsuku
Sheeters: HitomiChan_
Commentators: megahello
Streamers: megahello
Mappoolers: HitomiChan_ , Niqht , -Cheese
Testers: Venpris , sleeping_24-7 , Flameztear , Twilight
Referees: [Jameson] , P a t r i c k , -- Waffle -- , jehukm , Tatze , PuffedKirby , -Pekora- , ShadeCegLgMn , My Angel Lumine , megahello

If you'd like to help out, please fill out this form. We are in dire need of high ranked playtesters!!!
-- Waffle --
first :)
your three main skillsets are the same skillset
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cant believe that players are going to be kicked out of the tourney for critizing the mappool thanks hitomichan osu
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minusLS wrote:

cant believe that players are going to be kicked out of the tourney for critizing the mappool thanks hitomichan osu
Excuse me but where does it say it's against the rules to give constructive criticism to the mappoolers? And that those who do will get kicked out of the tournament?
I have bumped this thread due to a request from HitomiChan_
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one week of registrations left! go sign up if you haven't yet!
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