Is it possible to reverse notes in the osu!mania beatmap editor?

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Hey, I was just wondering if it was actually possible to reverse the notes in the osu!mania beatmap editor, and I don't mean "reverse" as in flip the notes or whatever, like when the player hits them, it comes back down and the player has to hit that same note. Or if that's not possible, would stopping the note, then moving the note be possible? And how would it work?

I look forward to an answer on this for a song I'm editing, thanks! (Any working answer is appreciated.)

Sincerely, HomieGhast.
Is related to sv? If yes first one idk but the 2nd one you pretty much want to make an inherited point with sv at 0.01, sometimes you want to change BPM to 0.x for make it REALLY stop, later you want to add inherited point with a higher sv until 1.0 (if you changed BPM, Try to return to it's original state)
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