[resolved] Osu! can't play songs

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Problem details:
Osu! doesn't play songs. As in, I open it and nothing plays. No audio. No visual beats of the logo. Nothing. I can open beatmaps, but they don't load. I just sit on a blank screen. I can open the editor (where I was when it started), but I can't do anything there either.

How it happened:
I was in the editor, timing a song that has some weird timings. On occasion it would take a second for it to load when playing the music, but it kept playing. Then, it decided to just stop. I couldn't edit anything. I couldn't change any timings. I couldn't play the music. The position of the slider (the thing that indicates the spot in the song?) just sat there "vibrating". Basically trying to go forward, but then very quickly jumping back to where it was.

osu! version: Stable 20220101.1 (latest)

Edit: (maybe ~5mins after post)
I went to go do something else (since I wasn't going to be playing at that moment). Decided to throw on some background music. I opened Spotify, and it couldn't play anything either. Realizing it was probably a larger than a just osu! problem, I restarted my computer and that seemed to fix the problem. (Maybe a problem with the sound drivers or something :shrug:)

However, after opening osu! to check if it worked, I now have it in the background so I can listen to it while I update this post. (Then get back to it afterwards) It was just a brief moment, but the music glitched out for a second. Not sure exactly where the problem is coming from. But, I guess I'll leave this for who ever needs/sees this.
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