Featured Artist song upload (fixed) just wait ^w^

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Just a quick question. I selected a song from the featured artist list and uploaded it as a WIP just to save it, but it's not showing the blue featured artist title. Do I have to upload it as ready to be ranked or does that just take a few days?
Thx for your help ^w^
I'm not too privy to details of how that feature works, but it could just take a while, that's the case with some other things on website as well. I don't know if the WIP/pending option affects the feature, kinda doubt. Also, it is known imperfection in the system (or well, at least used to be, could be fixed by now) that it's not perfect with the detection either and may not tag all FA tracks
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Ah okey thx for responding. Maybe it works in a few days or so ^^
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