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I was thinking about the idea of making parameter on your profile wich would deactivate the global ranking and global pp counting for your account.

You could still set scores, see them on your profile and on beat maps leaderboards but you wouldn't be on the global ranking system and your total amount of pp would also not be calculated anymore.

It is certainly not really well explained but I'm sure it can interest some people :)

have a nice day u-u
I don't think it's really useful to do that, you can just play offline if you don't like the pp system, or just not care about it and only play for beatmap leaderboards, some people do that really well
just always use local ranking and play with scorev2
a better option would be just one to remove the statistics on your profile?
although i feel that this would make catching illegitimate players just a wee bit harder.

if you're self-conscious about seeing your rank in game then you can just use a skin that covers your rank. many skins nowadays do this.
Just play logged out or with scoreV2?
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