How can I add this type of images to the description of a beatmap

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Hola gente, no se si este tipo de cosas que voy a preguntar van aquí si no, díganme en dónde va, y elimino este post para publicarlo en el lugar correspondiente.


Hace unos días me encontré un beatmap que en la descripción tenía este tipo de imágenes/logos para las dificultades

Y pues quería saber si ustedes saben cómo hacerlo, si alguno sabe escríbalo

Hello people, I don't know if these kinds of things that I'm going to ask are going here. If not, tell me where it goes, and I am deleting this post to publish it in the corresponding place.

Let's continue...

A few days ago I found a beatmap that in the description had this type of images / logos for the difficulties

And well I wanted to know if you know how to do it, if anyone knows write it down
Using BBCode to write descriptions wiki/en/BBCode

you can get the difficulty icons on wiki/en/Beatmap/Difficulty (right click the difficulty icons and select copy image address)

something like this

[img](difficulty icon URL)[/img] Hard by [url=(Profile Link)]me[/url]

[img][/img] Hard by [url=]me[/url]

Hard by me
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