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Hello. To set things straight, you can only request a map here if you have not Ranked a map yet. You also have to be interested in doing so, and have quality Beatmaps that you wish to push! This Queue is fully motivated by the fact that there's still many hidden gems out there somewhere. For anyone who applies for all three things previously mentioned, this is the place to ask your map to be checked!

Many people, myself included, know how harsh it is to be introduced to the section. This is somewhat of a "Training wheels" program, specially made to lead those with potential in their hands to a bigger audience so ranking maps thereafter gets easier. It is arguably easier to rank a map once you've established a playerbase in within the system.

By asking many people for feedback before and after I became a BN, this issue prevailed all along. And hopefully with this pilot test we can see if we can both maintain our quality standards (or even exceed them) while bringing new faces as to reward their efforts!

All requests will be displayed in my Trello, which can be found in The requests from this Queue will have a Light Blue Label (LBL™)

Many thanks to Komi as she helped me out troubleshooting BBCode and peer reviewing everything. She's most probably going to be aiding me with some requests she likes as well, so finding a 2nd BN for some maps will be incredibly fast!
  1. THIS QUEUE IS RESERVED TO THOSE WHO HAVE YET NOT RANKED ANY MAP. While I will continue to push stuff externally on my own accord as a BN, mappers who have ANY MAP RANKED are exempt from requesting stuff in this Queue. Those requests are better handled in my DMs and are managed in a completely different Schedule.

  2. THIS QUEUE ISN'T MEANT FOR "NEW MAPPERS". This Queue isn't meant to be a fastpass to the Ranked section, and quality will be primed above anything else when choosing any map. Therefore keep in mind that while you're completely free to request any map, it will end up having to be chosen from EVERY REQUEST for each wave.

  3. THE MAPS REQUESTED MUST ALREADY BE IN A NEAR-RANKABLE STATE. Minor mistakes or Metadata concerns here and there are fine. However, Beatmapsets that lack big glaring issues that would take a lot of time to go over will not be up to be chosen as this is meant to be a rather fast rotation for those that are already fully prepared to be modded!
¡THE QUALITY OF THE CHART ITSELF! I am generally not a fan of judging a book by how fancy it might look; how much I like the cover; if it plays a fancy song when you open it up,... That's nothing compared to what the chart itself has to offer, and that's going to be primed above anything else.

KeyModes have their respective priority. Priority will go from [5K] -> [6K + 7K] -> [4K]. These values are given priority depending on the SUPPLY. An exception to this rule is that variety will be prioritized above everything else. KeyModes beyond [7K] do not follow this convention and will only be judged based on their Quality.

Bigger sets with substance to them. There are a myriad of Spreads with multiple keys or difficulties. However, they have to feel unique. Having "filler" difficulties that do not skim in quality should be a must for these sets to be better accounted for.

Sets previously modded or checked. This will only be lighted accounted for, but it seems important that requested maps have engagement from the community, as it would only reinforce the idea that they are fit for the section!

Songs that I feel likeable! This will not be accounted for for the most part. The chart itself will be primed over anything else, and only its quality is the one who will be judged. I am more than open to receive any kind of music choice, but for those interested here's a figment of what I do listen from time to time to have a reference:

The chart's popularity. While lightly, this will also be taken into consideration and explored when making a choice of what to choose. However this only applies in cases where the quality of two charts is the exact same. If a chart has more reception but offers a shallow experience, it's not going to make up for it.
This Queue will go for 4 Weeks. Each week will be a wave of accepted maps, and while they'll probably not be all nominated within a week, all accepted maps are going to be secured a BN (me) and I will go the extra mile as to facilitate the process, both in finding another BN and ranking the map, explaining it in detail after the so called "Training Wheels" are taken off!

Timeframes are split between REQUESTS and RESULTS. The form will only be open during REQUESTS, and will be closed down during RESULTS. In the RESULTS time frame, the mappers who got accepted will be communicated. The rest will ALL HAVE A CONCISE REASON WHY IT WAS NOT ACCEPTED AND HOW TO IMPROVE MOVING ONWARDS! This way they are not going to be left astray.

All of the timeframes are in UTC+0.

  1. Week 1 REQUESTS: Wednesday 5th, Jan 2022 - Sunday 9th, Jan 2022
  2. Week 1 RESULTS: Monday 10th, Jan 2022 - Tuesday 11th, Jan 2022

  3. Week 2 REQUESTS: Wednesday 12th, Jan 2022 - Sunday 16th, Jan 2022
  4. Week 2 RESULTS: Monday 17th, Jan 2022 - Tuesday 18th, Jan 2022

  5. Week 3 REQUESTS: Wednesday 19th, Jan 2022 - Sunday 23rd, Jan 2022
  6. Week 3 RESULTS: Monday 24th, Jan 2022 - Tuesday 25th, Jan 2022

  7. Week 4 REQUESTS: Wednesday 26th, Jan 2022 - Sunday 30th, Jan 2022
  8. Week 4 RESULTS: Monday 31th, Jan 2022 - Tuesday 1st, Feb 2022
How To Request?

That will be as easy as using the formulary prepared for this Queue. You can access it by literally pressing this whole sentence or clicking the link below:


Requests in this Forum post are not going to be taken. However, feel free to bump it up once requested if you'd wish for more people to have a chance at this! But primarily, please use the forum post to ask any questions if you do not wish to relay it through Discord.

As mentioned above, just so everything is crystal clear, my Trello Board will hold all requests, including those I might choose outside of the program for transparency sake.
keep up the golden work! the dedication is insane on this one ouo
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So long this way we can help those struggling to find BNs and to help those whose requests can be polished with general overviews and in depth looks on what can hold them back, I'll be more than satisfied with the outcome. Thanks though!
wowie I'm a freshman accept my map :pleading_face:
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no I don't think this is how it works
bump owo
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Week 1 is over. Will be reopening on Wednesday. Between Monday/Tuesday EVERYONE (Who isn't already aware of it yet) will receive the outcome + mini-review if needed in their DMs. The Trello board will be updated accordingly.
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Wave 2 is open! Reviews for the last Wave are almost done, though expect them to come shortly alongside the verdict. Thanks!
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Wave 2 has CLOSED. All of the needed DMs for Wave 1 have been sent. For Wave 2 participants, expect the outcome in the coming week.
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Last wave has finally open! I'll finish reviewing Wave 3's picks between Thursday and Friday. Thanks for everyone who has decided to participate.
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Thank you to everyone who participated! I'll privately approach everyone who I have not yet, and I will also ask for feedback on the whole queue. I really appreciate the vast movement of requests handled. Every request currently accepted and those to come will surely be nominated. Just keep in mind it will take time.
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