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Update: 4/7/17

Nationality: Brazilian-American
Age: 13
Name/nickname: Jackie/Mocha (Sen on osu!)
Gender: Demi-Girl (Formerly Female)
Romantic Orientation: Panromantic
Sexual Orientation: Asexual
Mental Illnesses: Aspergers, Dermatillomania, Onychotillomania
Zodiac: Gemini (Sun), Scorpio (Moon), Leo (Rising)

My favourite food: Rice and Beans (McDonalds is good too!)
My favourite anime: Kancolle (Anime Adaptation)
My favourite video game: Osu! (Obviously) Sonic Adventure 2, Touhou (MOF, SA and TD to be exact.)
Other Online games I play: Roblox, Overwatch (I'm not as active in those 2 games tho...)
My music taste: Future Bass, Contemporary R&B, Electronic Trap, Electro Swing, Eurobeat, Happy Hardcore, Fast Trance
Sports I play include: None except for swimming and a bit of volleyball I think... (Dang, I know i'm a fat slob, but I really need to start exercising, don't I? )
My on-going projects: Nothing really? I mean I also like to draw and such....
My other interests: Object Shows (I mainly like Battle For Dream Island, Inanimate Insanity, Object Overload and Object Madness.), Cartoons, Touhou, Kancolle, etc.
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.:
mochatouhou on skype (cus idk how to link skype accounts...)

Likes: Cartoons, Dank Memes, Object Shows, Rhythm Games, MY DOG NAMED CHUM CHUM, Aesthetics (I have a ton but I mostly love Retrowave, Grunge and Teencore.)
Dislikes: Green Veggies (Except for peas!), My brother who was diagnosed with misophonia (probably...)

Likes in a person: Someone who could make me laugh or someone who has similar interests to me.
Dislikes in a person: Some one who is racist, ableist, or is against LGBT.
My personality: Sociable, Two-Faced, Confident, Curious, Intellectual, Introverted?, Artistic and a little ditzy... Because of my curiosity and my intellectual ability mixed together, I know about lots of various media and such like TV shows, movies, musical artists, etc.

My favourite food:Hamburger and french fries.
My favourite anime: Every anime made by Satoshi Kon is my favorite one.
My favourite video game: Mmm... Somewhere between Kingdom Hearts and Silent Hills.
Other Online games I play: I used to play LoL, but my computer is outdated now so it cant run LoL anymore.
My music taste: Orquestal.
Sports I play include: Tennis.
My on-going projects: Creative writing.
My other interests:Biology.
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: Ask me later.

Likes in a person: Being nice.
Dislikes in a person: Dont being nice.
My personality: Often quiet. Sometimes, random.
Nationality: Indonesian
Age: secret XD
Name/nickname: Steven

My favourite food: Nasi padang
My favourite anime: Shin-chan
My favourite video game: Dragon nest
Other Online games I play: Closer online, csgo(im suck at this)
My music taste: Country, Pop, Classic music
Sports I play include: badminton, tennis
My on-going projects: Skripsi (last task to graduate from collage)
My other interests: Sleep? hang out with friend?
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: hmmm. . non of them is active.

Likes in a person: Friendly, can take a joke, not egoist(selfish)
Dislikes in a person: Stuborn, always show off

My personality: me? hmm im quite shy... and find trouble to talking with stranger. but if we become closer.. im really active talking. and im humoris too
Nationality: I'm American but also Mexican
Age: 16
Name/nickname: Michelle

My favorite food: Sushi
My favorite anime: hmmm it's Tokyo ghoul but also attack on titan
My favorite video game: I don't play other games expect osu ..
other online games I play: none ..
My music taste: I hear lil peep, yung bruh, xxxtentacion, lil tracy, post Malone, nova etc. I like listening to depressing music ((:
Sports I play include: I'm interested playing soccer but not anymore (:
My on-going projects: trying to learn to speak and write Korean and Japanese.
My other interests: I like baking

Likes in a person: I love FUNNY PEOPLE, if they tell me to die in a hole, I'll love them forever <3
Dislikes in a person: I hate people who are dry. For example, I say "HEY:*" and they repsond "hey." Lmao fuck that
My personality: well I could be wild at some points, I can be annoying, I can be serious, I can be shy.. depends how I'm use to talking to you
Cool idea!
Nationality: Japanese, don't mind my VPN >.<
Age: 12
Name/nickname: Geile

My favorite food: Definitely MCdonalds sauce, just the sauce btw, mom says i have to stop walking into the MCdonalds kitchen and stealing all the sauce but as long as they don't know i did it it's right RIGHT?! >.<
My favorite anime: Definitely Naruto, i love it then the main character Suzuki said BAZINGA! whenever he's excited!!!
My favorite video game: Definitely not this shit game LOL iksdeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
other online games I play: Definitely real life, you guys should try it sometimes
My music taste: Definitely basically everything i play on osu, as long as it isn't boogie, fuck that map and song LOL. This one time i was blasting POMPEN MET DIE SUBWOOFER in my room until the neighbours knocked at my door. I was alone at the time so i couldn't run to my mom so out of sheer panic i began throwing the entire collection of MCdonalds sauce to them BOY WHERE THEY MAD! And thats how i got my first restraining order! >.<
Sports: Definitely Osu! Right now i'm training to be the best hardrock easy player of all the players, mom says i'm addicted but she doesn't know that osu is my life and I need to be the best otherwise no one will recognise me for anything!
My on-going projects: Definitely surviving till i die of old age!
My other interests: Definitely ösy

Likes in a person: Definitely if they dislike the map Boogie
Dislikes in a person: Definitely when they like Boogie
My personality: Definitely definit
Nationality: White male
Age: 19
Name/nickname: AnimeFreak249

My favourite food: Pineapple pizza
My favourite anime: Love Live season 3
My favourite video game: RuneScape 3
Other Online games I play: Negropara
Sports I play include: Ballet
My music taste: Nanahira
My other interests: Soccerball
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: go away stalker

Likes in a person: Big
Dislikes in a person: all normies..
My personality: I hate my school, I hate my government, I can only trust myself
Name: Susan (Im trans btw)
Nationality: Equestrian :D
Age: Not telling :PP
Nickname: _FlutterRage_ (I love ponies so yeah hehe ;P)
My favourite food: Grains, Flax Seed, Beet Pulp, Molasses for energy and flavor, Bran, Vitamins, Minerals and Paper (I love paper, don't ask me why) I'm vegan btw, if you're not, you should try being vegan too sometime :D Vegan food tastes sooo much better and you don't kill Animals, which makes you a better person automatically. Please don't hurt animals :(((, become vegan too :3c <3
My favourite anime: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, I looooooove it so much!!!
My favourite video game: Secret of the Magic Crystal, i played this back when i was 8 and i still love it a lot XD
Other Online games I play: Any Horse Game :3c I prefer raising fillies /)^3^(\
Sports I play include: Riding my big, beautiful horse named Candy Dancer :DDD <3 (Luv you forever!!)
My music taste: Anything with Fluttershy's lovely awesome voice <3333333 Also Dubstep and Trap
My other interests: Horse Photography and large Cocks (the animals of course, silly xD)
Fandoms: SuperWhoLock (Supernatural + Doctor Who + Sherlock), K-Pop, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Steven Universe, FNAF (Five Nights at Freddy's), Sonic (but not that much)
Sexual orientation: Bronysexual (I can only fall in love with Bronies and Pegasisters, but i'll always love my amazing Candy Dancer the most!!)
I have a secret Crush on Asia Senpai, but don't tell her XD
Mental Illnesses (Self Diagnosed): ADD, ADHD, Autism, Bipolarity, Body Dysmorphia, Borderline, Dissociative Identity Disorder, PTSD, Schizophrenia, Tourette Syndrome, Trichotillomania
Likes: BuzzFeed, Animals, Pictures of Equines, cocks and bunnies, Blue Hair <3
Dislikes: Mean people, Cishets (Fark you Swerro >:( ), Racism, Being called a boy, Sarcasm

Skype: ilovehorses324
Steam: BronyforLife_

Likes in a person: Love animals and vegan people! :3c I love people for who they are! ;D
Dislikes in a person: I don't understand Sarcasm so I don't like it when people use it in front of me, I also don't like it when people think they are better than me just because they are White Males. THAT DOES NOT MAKE YOU BETTER!! And Meat Eaters.
My personality: I absolutely love animals and mostly Ponies!! I'm very introverted, because I have a High IQ (143), I need my personal space, which is at least 2 meters, or else you'll ruin my Concentration.

I hope you enjoyed my introduction ;P

P.S Brohoof!! /)*(\
Nationality: Gay
Age: 19
Name/nickname: DonDon, TipLover420

My favourite food: chocolate
My favourite anime: Boku no Pico/Junjou Romantica
My favourite video game: Major\Minor
Other Online games I play: Osu!
My music taste: Vocaloid and ASMR
Sports I play include: Anime
My on-going projects: learning the perfect tip
My other interests: Being cool
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: Stevus Furrytus

Likes in a person: Them liking me and my "dressing" habits
Dislikes in a person: them notnfidningnmecool
My personality: Gay
Nationality: Netherlands/Chinese
Age: 16
Name/nickname: William
My favourite food: Literally anything that goes to my liking :)
My favourite anime: Kimi no Na wa.
My favourite video game: Osu!, League of Legends, Overwatch, and a little bit of Cs;Go
Other Online games I play: League of Legends, Overwatch, and a little bit of Cs;Go
My music taste: Anything which goes to my liking :)
Sports I play include: Used to play football(or soccer...), and gym, but currently just nothing ;p
My on-going projects: trying to be a 4digit player on osu, getting d2 back on league, at least getting LE on cs;go, getting diamond on OW(so close...)
My other interests: Anine, Weaboo stuff, and making new friends.
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: Got Facebook, Skype, Discord, Steam. PM me if you want any of those :)

Likes in a person: being real when he/she needs to, and just chill/fun when it's supposed to be :)
Dislikes in a person: People being judgmental with invalid statements, and just rude, for no apparent reason.
My personality: Real whenever i have to, can't really just talk about my personality, since you decide my attitude towards you :)
Age: 14
Name/nickname: Mocha/Sen

My favourite food:
My favourite anime: Tons but mostly Kancolle
My favourite video game: Overwatch and some Sonic games..
Other Online games I play: Roblox (I'm sorry..)
My music taste: VERY DIVERSE
Sports I play include: None
My on-going projects: None
My other interests: Drawing, Playing with dogs
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: Discord Mocha-chan#9177

Likes in a person: Someone with really good humor
Dislikes in a person: Just toxic people in general..
My personality: Funny, Secretive, Ambivert
Always ignored this thread, but now that I see it I feel as if this is just another introduction thread. So I fill this form out not to find friends, per se, but to give away information about me to anyone interested. I feel as if I've been here long enough anyways (well, longer than anywhere else I've been).

  1. Nationality: American
  2. Age: 16 (currently)
  3. Name/nickname: You won't get this from me that easily.
  4. My favourite food: I don't know
  5. My favourite anime: I liked Steins;Gate, WataMote (not the harem), and Azumanga.
  6. My favourite video game: Would have to be DDR, anything from Extreme 2 and later.
  7. Other Online games I play: Call of Duty (BO, BO2, MW3, Ghosts).
  8. My music taste: Cumbias, Eurobeat (Especially Ayumi Hamasaki), and DDR Music (This link requires a Nico account).
  9. Sports I play include: Track and Field (2-4 laps)
  10. My on-going projects: Become a better person.
  11. My other interests: I like math.
  12. Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: You can find me on PSN: TheMegoLego888
  13. Likes in a person: Doesn't matter
  14. Dislikes in a person: Doesn't matter
  15. My personality: Can't explain.
This is me:
Hello everyone! This is my first post on the forum so i'm new.
I've been playing osu! for about 8 months now and I really enjoy it. All of my friends think its a stupid game when I try and introduce them to it, so I've mostly been playing alone. I guess i'm just looking for some nice people to hang out with and chat about osu! and anime with.
Nationality: American
Age: 15
Name/nickname: Toast

My favourite food: Chicken Parmesan
My favourite anime: Gurren Lagann and JoJo's Bizarre Adventures
My favourite video game: The Witcher 3
Other Online games I play: Dota 2
My music taste: Mostly Classic Rock. (stuff made before I was born)
Sports I play include: Used to play some baseball. Now I golf occasionally with family.
My on-going projects: Mostly computer science related. Coding projects and such
My other interests: Computer programing and computer science
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: My steam is Toast550.

Likes in a person: Chill and willing to talk. Open minded is nice too.
Dislikes in a person: Nothing really. Only extreme rudeness.
My personality: I like to experience the online communities and get involved in projects. That's one of the reasons I'm writing this; I play osu! so much yet I never even made a forum post before this.

Thanks for reading if you got this far :D
This thread will keep on giving. Well time to uh.. Give back the thread, mhh... uhh YEAH!

  1. Nationality: Je t'aime mon cherie!
  2. Age: 17
  3. Languages: English & Baguette
  4. Name/Nickname: Aleks, Oshino but hey you can call me Paul or Jimmy or even Bob
  5. My Favorite food: I don't know how much I have to clarify myself, anything with cheese is basically the second coming of Jesus but for my tastebuds
  6. My Favorite animu: Anything by trigger
  7. My Favorite vidya gaems: Same as before nothing really
  8. Other Online games I play: Rocket League, Minecraft, Overwatch.. i just have games OK?!
  9. My Music taste: EDM, JPop, Kpop and some Vaporwave sometimes
  10. Sports I play include: lol, wtf is a sport?
  11. My on-going projects: Basically alot of incoherent weebshit
  12. My Other interests: Violin, Drawing & helping others with their problems
  13. Facebook,Skype, Steam etc.: Cough click the banner cough~
  14. Likes in a person: Nice & understanding person I guess :oops:. To be more precise, someone whos open minded, cares about others and generally a cool person :)
  15. Dislikes in a person: Selfish, liar and "loud" aka talks bad about others/showoff
  16. My Personality: I always and I mean ALWAYS help a friend in need whether its personal or not, so im basically your advisor, psychiatrist or hell oni-ch... big brother >~>; I love making people happy although, I hope youll do the same for me! :oops: btw I can be forgetful at times so keep that in mind ( ゜Д ゜)
Friends are overrated
how have people not yet realized that this isn't how you make friends

F1r3tar wrote:

how have people not yet realized that this isn't how you make friends

johnmedina999 wrote:

Always ignored this thread, but now that I see it I feel as if this is just another introduction thread. So I fill this form out not to find friends, per se, but to give away information about me to anyone interested. I feel as if I've been here long enough anyways (well, longer than anywhere else I've been).
Well, tbf, I made a friend off of this. A great one at that.
Nationality: Pinoy
Age: 19
Name/nickname: Monky (because I always get called Mon in real life)
My favourite food: lasagna & spaghetti
My favourite anime: Bakuman
My favourite video game: osu! :D
Other Online games I play: Dota 2, CSGO, Half Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax Ultimate Boy
My music taste: I'm an eclectic so I'm able to appreciate any genre of music, but my favorite will be Metal / Metalcore
Sports I play include: no sports :(
My on-going projects: some mapping stuff
My other interests: school :)
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: I'd rather communicate with discord
Likes in a person: who understands people deeply and be considerate with it. I also like people who are straightforward.
Dislikes in a person: the exact opposite above

My personality: I get very generous in any way sometimes because right now I'm struggling to get rid of my narcissistic side.
Tohru of Shadow
Nationality: American
Age: 18
Name/nickname: Vince (Can go by Tohru too!)

My favourite food: Salmon
My favourite anime: Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni
My favourite video game: Persona 2 Innocent Sin
Other Online games I play: Splatoon half the time. The rest is just fighters ranging from Blazblue to Ougon Musou Kyoku Cross
My music taste: IT'S ALL OVER THE DAMN PLACE! However, I tend to have a bit of a soft spot for hardcore, gabber, and waaaaaay too many video game soundtracks!
Sports I like include: Boxing, MMA, and soccer football
My on-going projects: Working on a worldbuilding project that revolves around shapeshifting, dimension hopping bird people with really weird powers and abilities going on and about with their daily life with some drama thrown into the mix.
My other interests: Art, writing, something in the realms of music, and vidya gaems™
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: I know my skype and twitter are on my profile page, so I guess I could throw in my kik, discord, and steam in there. They are GhostOfMikado (Kik), A meme #1493 (Discord), and Mama Kurosu (Steam)

Likes in a person: Someone who is really understanding and takes others into consideration. Definitely someone who falls under the creative types (writers, artists, ect.) since I want to see what tends to go about in the minds of others in terms of their ideas and methods. Heck, someone whom I can hold a pretty long conversation with about anything!
Dislikes in a person: Someone who is arrogant and causing trouble for others in an aggressive way intentionally.
My personality: I am an easily excitable person both in a good way and a bad way. I can go from being the most happy person around, bringing in hype and memes one moment and the next, I can become the most aggressive and confrontational being imaginable. However, with all the mistakes I make and my odd temper, I still try to take others into consideration and care for them as best as I can. (I have been dubbed a brother figure in some of my friends groups sometimes due to that nature)
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