Taiko no Tatsujin: AC0/Momoiro v4.0 (3/2/2014)

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mcwc2307 wrote:

how does the 2 player mode work?
How did you get don and kan on the screen AT THE SAME TIME?
I cant figure it out and i require a more specific set of instructions :(
Please help...
video editing, I recorded the song using 1p elements and then 2p elements and put them together in a video editor.

Inori wrote:

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ayagozen5648 wrote:

Inori wrote:

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Currently reworking a couple of things (in this example, the drum has been remade)
Can I have a custom scorebar-bg with name's on it? It's name is "Trimint", Player 1 Normal.

Inori wrote:

Currently reworking a couple of things (in this example, the drum has been remade)
By the way, They currently make a contest about making osu!taiko mascot.
can u make me a player label :3
I don't know if you ever plan on editing this skin again, but with the drum it kinda goes over the border and it just doesn't look very well like that. But other than that it's a good skin I like it.
hi, the skin is good and i love it!
but i heard something wrong here, big don and big kat sounds too loud (?)
Maya Reinhartz
Is it just me or are the sounds for the regular notes super quiet while the big drums have a much louder volume?
Wow, really kickin' this skin dude, nice job.

EDIT: I'm unable to download the "DFP-KanTeiRyu-XB" font, it seems the file was set to private.. I'll use the .ttf that comes with the skin :)

Again, awesome job on the skin.
Great skin, a bit outdated and a lot of elements need polishing but the concept was pulled off great
Good job :3 :3
I'll be using this skin as my beginner skin :)

Still trying to learn taiko :(
You can upload in mediafire or similar ? :( i cant download on mega :cry::cry::cry:
Hi Inori! I edited your template and made an amethyst kind of title header! I credit this to you! Everyone can use this... btw. :D (Making 1P headers soon)
When using 1080p some things in the score screen have wrong offset otherwise it's great.

The misses icon for example is too high, the combo number is aligned on the left instead of under the combo text like the accuracy percentage next to it. The performance graph looks out of place, maybe it could use a whote background like above? the red line is kinda invisible otherwise.
do you mind making a player 1 lable with the name Red Guy on it
hey inori how to put the name in taiko scoreboad ?
Could you tell me how to make the nametag show up in the game? I can't seem to figure it out
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