Skin.ini attribute for making combo burst order reset after combo break

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Skin.ini provides an option for making the order of combo burst images random or in order. Currently if you have them display in order, it works as such: the images will pop up in the same order regardless of your combo. For example, if you get a 400 combo and you have 10 combo burst images in your skin, then you will have seen 4 of the 10 images. Breaking combo and getting back to 100 will now display the 5th image.

The Issue

The issue with this is that you cannot make combo bursts relevant to the combo number. If you want an image to appear at precisely 500(or any other multiple of 100) combo, you cannot. If you get 300 then break then 200 you will get the image you intended for 500 combo.


Add an attribute to skin.ini such as
BreakResetsBursts: 0 or 1
to reset the combo burst order after a combo break. The desired behavior would work as such: getting 300 combo, for example, would display the first, second, and third images, and then breaking and getting back to 100 combo would show the first image again and not the fourth.
I'm not used to play osu! with combo burst switched on.
But... it still works either way.
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