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Greetings. I haven't introduced myself yet...I'm razorleaf, but you can call me razor :3 . I have played osu! for almost 3 years, But I've not joined this community..
I love music.. I'm also a part-time of Music Arranger. Sometimes, I like to arrange Video Game's Music and Film's Scores.
Of Course, I like rhythm games like osu! and I'm not good on it. :(

I think it's enough to introduce myself. Last note : I come from Indonesia.
Nice to meet u all :)
[ Xaive ]
Been here 3 years and never been in the community? Your profile proves somewhat different, but oh well :d

Welcome! Indonesia's a cool place to be at. See you around~
Welcome to the forums!^^
Welcome, hope to see you around! :)
Welcome to the community!

Hello! We are all welcoming here so there is no need to be shy, if you would like to add me to your friendslist, view my profile and hit add friend. If you haven't done so already, please take a look through the rules. You can talk about anything in particular (as long as its not spam) here. Need more information on osu? Check out our wiki which has a large wealth of knowledge! In addition if you encounter any issues and require technical support, do so here. I hope to see you around and if you have any questions feel free to PM me!
Yunia Anindya
welcome :)
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