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So, I know they're a rare breed but how do you do it?
I can barely hit streams over 220 bpm and I was wondering if you guys had any tips or practice maps for me to get faster.
I'm really hoping to hit 270 bpm for Mad Machine ( but I don't think that's happening any time soon.

I mean, I can jump fine and everything but I want to cry every time I see a stream.
Keep playing. You only have 3k PC so you still have a lot of improving to do. I have almost 24k and use a kb and can't stream mad machine yet.

Pengua wrote:

I want to cry every time I see a stream.
Story of my life.

Finger exercises and practice, that's what it should take.

Find maps you like and can follow well with lots of streams and use this t/114765 to set it to a more formidable BPM. I don't recommend bringing down the BPM on maps as it makes it feel awkward and can cause the offset to be wrong. Increasing BPM on maps that are full of tricky streams has helped my improve my streaming. This should work even with mouse only in theory, but I think it may take longer as from what I see it's harder to click fast with a mouse. I don't know though because I don't touch mouse only at all.
Only advice I can give is "don't aim for mad machine."

I did that and I enjoyed a great deal of increased stiffness in my fingers to this day.
It's not arthritis or tendonitis but it's kind of annoying to actually feel the difference between my left and right hand fingers.

Build your speed up slowly and accurately, your body is not ready. You require stamina above all.

It's not the same as keyboard + <peripheral here>

RaneFire wrote:

your body is not ready
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