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Harder than Galvanize, but slightly easier to follow.

EDIT: Link updated with eyup's fixes and uploaded to server.
Beck -Timebomb (with video)
Sorry, no link without video.
Ouch, that video background really hurts the eyes when trying to distinguish notes... especially the bit where the vid goes RED just as a bunch of red notes come up :shock:

Anyway, nicely made map. Just one recommendation - I think your combos are too long - some of them go to 30+. Might want to think about changing that to make the scoring more friendly.

Also there was a slight timing discrepancy - like 0.02BPM and about 30ms offset. Due to the quick nature of the song, it had a noticeable effect so I've changed it for you (see attachment).

Another quality beatmap to add to the list! Great work ;)

Download: Beck - Timebomb (IcePagoda) [Normal].osu
I'd say the combo thing is the only issue, but apart from that, damn it's very well done.

Layout of the beats matching the video, like the part where he shakes his hand left and right was pure genius! :D

Ah my eyes! :)
The video makes this great.

They're dancing to my sexy rhythm...or the fire generated by it...or the time bomb.

In any case, an awesome beatmap. It's so difficult to be consistent though >:o
Hitoshirenu Shourai
I request an easy version of this! It's an awesome song, and you did incredibly well with beat placement, but... the thing is, I can't pass it. Yes, I know, I suck, but players like me really do want to play awesome maps. Please! Easy version! =D!
That would be great actually. The "overall difficulty" is so high that timing becomes a real issue in this map and i do find this to be a challenge because the offset seems ~10-20ms off but lets ignore that. Seconded this request!

peppy wrote:

That would be great actually. The "overall difficulty" is so high that timing becomes a real issue in this map and i do find this to be a challenge because the offset in this song is OFF. Seconded this request!
It's probably only hard because of that crazy background vid ;) Persist and you shall probably keep failing... I mean succeed. Succeed. That's right. Succeed.
oh seriously did you have to edit my post? IVALSET AGREES THE TIMING IS OFF!!!!!!!!!!! And my sound is fine with a 21ms offset, so stop with that sound card thing already -.-.

02:50 < Hitoshirenu> Ivalset, I need you to S rank Timebomb sometime. I love the song, but I can't get even halfway through. =/
02:51 < Ivalset> the timing is a little fucked
02:51 < Ivalset> and I can't remind myself the entire song to hit early
02:53 < Ivalset> hm
02:53 < Ivalset> i guess I could fix it myself
[deleted user]
All things considered, this is one of the better beatmaps I've played so far. The timing also felt a little off to me however, I was getting a lot of 100's in certain parts, and I feel that in some areas there is too large of a jump in distance between some beats. I enjoyed how the song actually took advantage of the music video, but it was ultimately distracting to me so I deleted it!

Beck is awesome though, nice choice there.
Part of the reason 100s seem so prevalent on the map is due to the high accuracy; the timing window for a 300 is drastically reduced from most other songs. This is one of the reasons spot on timing is such a big deal here; when the only thing you can trust is your ears, you should be able to trust them.
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Wow... you people are persistent. :lol:

Anyway, I'll make an easier map (time constraints keep me from making more maps, but I will get some up eventually) if someone uploads the file with more accurate timing. I'm never satisfied with it.
Sorry for the necro, but for some reason this map is getting popular lately... :lol:
The Emperor
hi, i'm just here to respond to a 9years old post lol
martyr mystery
many years after the fact, this map is boss. so relaxing to play.
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