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Hello everyone, I'm Beatox. It's not really my name, but my friends call me that, and I prefer it that way. I just recently started with osu! Not really a fan of a computer, since I've always been using a console -Playstation (bring out the hate, Xbox lovers :3).
I do play counter strike, which I love.
More or less, I've barely played Osu! at all, since my arrival. I've tried a couple of modes, and I was terrible. been spending most of my time on the forums and reading the most hilarious threads. Hope to see this kind of behaviour in the actual game chat :).
Also, I love Anime.

Dunno what more to tell, sooo.. baibai.

Sincerely, Beatox / bTOX
P.S pardon my bad English, not really used to type/talk in English.
Hello there! Yes there is some craziness that goes on here and in-game XD And welcome to osu! ^^
Welcome to the forums!^^
Thanks so much! :)
Hi there! Welcome! :)
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